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  It's been 18 years since the murder of Steven Lawrence, UK teenager of Jamaican parentage and a lot of people are breathing a long held sigh of relief that there might be a possibilty someone would be held accountable.But most or equally alarming is the fact an enquiry was undertaken and the famous "McPherson's Report" came at the the end stating the ineffectiveness in policing the murder reflected a mentality of institutional racism in the Met, in layman's term I take that to mean, in their initial training they are taught to be overly aggressive to other races. So it was my impression with that report in hand leaders would go about re-institutionalise the Met from the training stage to be more cognizant of other's human rights, instead it's like it didn't happen and we have seen recent events that imply it is still at the core of policing. Sign the petition and ask politicians to address it once and for all or tell us it was rubbish.


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