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Rare Radio Rendezvous on NTS Live in Manchester............




2017 The Revelation!

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    Ok so where do we begin, yes let us thank The Most High for allowing a lot of us to get this far, enabling us to see the fruits of seeds planted in an earlier time in our lives. A lot of things that were "hidden from the wise and prudent" has been revealed before the eyes of "the babes and sucklings" of the wise and prudent. We are now armed with information that only our parents and grandparents were privy to while we were growing up, then some information are completely different from what our parents and grandparents were privy to and we had  to restructure our past mindset to adjust to our enlightenment. Isolationist live by the code of "us against them" when in reality we are now more globally connected and interdepedent than ever, again by the availability of a new wealth of information. So I am able to meet a guy in a foreign country who has never been to Jamaica who is able to relate precise information to me of people I grew up with as if they also grew up with them, on occassion telling me of myself even though we never met and this was before Social Media took a foothold. Sinister ones are still struggling to use secrecy and mis-information to have their way but today it's a tougher trick to pull off and politicians up and down the globe are getting "bloody noses" for past infractions when "the wool" was over most eyes. So we are going to outline a sequence of events seen through our spectacles as to where human civilization has reached.

       At the end of the "Bush-Blair" era, the political template, especially in the UK, was for politicians to go all out to gain the trust of the populace, parlay that into electoral power, then head for the appearance circuit to pull in bags of money or spin-off into a high paying consultancy gig where the knowledge from government is used to advance the interest of company "A" or company "B" like a kind of "insider trader". As you notice  nothing to do with the standard of living of the actual population regarding homelessness and poverty, which is what the initial interview for the job was about, but after getting the job this has been the modern route. Obviously David Cameron was great admirer of Tony Blair, they just happen to be in different parties. So Cameron was intent on doing his "Blair stint" and riding off in the sunset but there was a mishap, Nigel Farage kinda ruffled his feathers while he had the electorate eating out of his hands as the opposition of the day was mystified by his "Blair-like" tendencies, especially when he tagged the 2008 performances of AIG and the Banksters squarely at the Labour Party's doorstep when not even Bush's past performance was being blamed in the US. The Labour Party leadership apparently was in agreement with the Conservative analysis, it was so successful the mantra is still being applied today. So Cameron as a leader who mainly governed by TV, hard hats and high-vis jackets, he decided to pull a coup on the EU, what better time as when they started to show cracks with Greece's fiancial situation. So he decided let me use the power of the Empire and show Farage "I can get an even better sweetheart deal with the EU than PMs past  and for leverage I will hold over their heads the fact Britain wouldn't hesitate to leave the Union if disatisfied", good poker position, but this wasn't poker and the EU called the bluff. Now a real poker player would call a referendum and be at the front supporting the bluff to leave, instead the bluff turned out to be "I  personally think it's suicidal to do what I threatened the EU Britain might do" so the guy who triggered the referendum to leave the EU suddenly became the face of the EU. But  wait, the plot thickens after the referendum results to leave, instead of turning over the reigns to the people with "fire in their bellies" to leave the people who first saw it as a mistake were converted and baptised  and was "full steam ahead at all costs" even to butt heads with the High Court.  Unfortunately this debacle is about to create a domino effect where every "loony" with an alternate view starts to "see light at the end of the tunnel" every phobia is seeing it as their time to shine validated by "didn't you see what happened in the UK" the poster-child for abandoning friends.

              Now on the other side of the coin across the pond, in fear of being regarded as "fake news" I wont delve too much in what everyone already knows and I guarantee you while I am writing this something new is coming down the pike and I like to keep current. But there are a few things that kind of stand out that I couldn't avoid or ignore. I was apalled at the "black-lash" for having a black man, let me correct that, having a man mixed with black in the US White House. Obama spent most of his Presidency trying to prove he measured up to the office of President of the USA, so much so he basically smoothed over black issues in an attempt to prove his impartiality towards blacks. Yet the venom and vitriol that was unearthed in the election campaign is an indictment that in the US it is almost impossible for a man with black appearance to even get a "so-so" rating for a fair job done. Seems this whole civilisation thing is rooted in mollasses or quick-sand. I have seen opposing poiticians who are big enough to admit to or commend the good in their opponent, but this high degree of bitterness using Judge Clarence Thomas' words "is an high-tech lynching". What would happen to America if Barack Obama went down in history as one of the great American Presidents, JFK never did two terms but we all loved him, so would this be a blight on American presidential history for good to be said of a President with black features. Right now the Presidential bar is set so low I can already guarantee you this new fella is bound for greatness, matters not what he says or does, as a matter of fact he has already been ear-marked for a second term even before he took office, remember that pile of documents with a conversation that went something like this "I am turning all these businesses over to my sons and in eight years if they mess up I'll say you are fired" so I guess eight years it is, who needs elections. Peace&Love Walk Good.

The Laws of Immigration

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                20 June 2016

Apparently someone somewhere has a land title for the earth and they have carved it up giving allotments to those closest to them and next of kin, each in turn set's up what has come to be known as "immigration laws" by which the "us" and "them" got it's start. In the scriptures I read where Christ was teaching and the crowd got so large he had to get in a ship and sail to a different location, Paul was up and down the high seas but no evidence of anyone having to clear customs. Immigration laws are the breeding ground of some of the most inhumane racist practices. On one of those border control programs to make extra money I've seen Australian immigration confiscate a Brazilian's percussion instrument which is like a goard with some seeds strung around it for a shaker sound. Now Australian immigration stated the seeds may be dangerous for Australian agriculture, you know those alien seeds that the Creator also made like the ones in Australia is now a threat as it's being carried by one of "them". Also analize the mindset, this percussionist while in Australia will forego whatever his earning would be anytime he performed, in place of planting the seeds from his percussion instrument in Australia for I don't know what benefit. Next the "us" are so superior that refugees have to be housed away from the soil they tread on offshore somewhere, all this under the assumption the rest of us are so blinkered we cant see the blatant racism and prejudice.Hopefully one day I too will be able to see the title as I read somewhere "the earth is the Lord's".

The ways of the World

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3 Jan. 2016

        Wishing everyone a Peaceful and Progressive 2016, with special emphasis on the Peaceful, talk about "wars and rumours of war". It's been a long time since we had one of those Jusic sit-downs where we reflect on the ways of the world. From where I am sitting at this point in our generation we have exceeded all possible atrocities and "man's inhumanity to man" humanly possible, be real now is there any worst scenario possible across all sectors governments, goods and services, policing, religions, race relations and I could go on, not to mention the "right when it's my friend, wrong when it's your friend" crowd. Take this example, there was a period of spreading "democracy" at all cost, if you wont accept there is destabilisation and possibly "regime change" which on another day would read overthrowing the government. Anyway after years of this formula up steps the "Muslim Brotherhood" democratic to a fault in winning the populace of the Egyptian election after the overthrow of Mubarak. Actively participated in the Palestinian situation, for the first time Egypt appeared more humane toward the Palestinian suffering, so you would think the next time they were bombed this Egypt would give them refuge. Then suddenly the old government machinery used sabotage to tarnish the "Brotherhood" and the claim was in the space of a year the electorate had had enough and the military would respond to their cry from this "one year" of bondage. Even in Jamaica we are civilise enough that no matter how upset we are with a government we express it at the end of their term in office, as that's what it is a "term of office". Well everyone and their cousin refused to call it a "coup" so this military guy elected himself President and put on a suit and went on to start handing out death sentences like gift vouchers, teenage school girls demonstrated and were looking at 14 years, even Al Jazeera journalists got caught in the mix as suddenly the former Muslim Brotherhood government is now rubber-stamped as terrorists so any interaction with former ministers or expressing favourable sentiments you are right up there with the "Jihadis" of the world, as for me I'll wait till they get rid of this guy before I go check out the pyramids.

Now it's not like we are headed for some "big bang" or whatever new name they come up with, it's just that man and mankind had a bit of a lifespan to come up with some things to fullfil the instruction of "go forth and multiply and replenish the earth" and this is what they ended up with,ones that are deluded by money and not the earth. So just like we read in ancient times these ones will be erased by whatever method and replacements will have a chance to have another go at it. Remember we have stopped at "Third World" for some time now, chances are we are up to about "Sixth" as I think that line in the prayer that said "world without end" was a plant, as how did you get to second and third without an end to one of the previous. The "bonus" cash "greed is good" world is coming to a crashing end but as the earth remains we have another opportunity to "multiply and replenish the earth" forget about this "sorry ass" lot.  Have a Peace&Love 2016

The More Things Change

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Living in an age where the media is saturated by brutal acts usually depicted as "terrorist barbarism" while similar or worst is condoned based on affililiations and alliances. So let's strip away the smart phone and harken back to a time when atrocities were not that easily accessible, there is an anology "that a wickeder man is placed over the wicked man"......................http/atlantablackstar.com/2015/02/24/10-american-states-with-the-most-lynchings-of-black-people-from-1882-1968/

2015 Promises to be the Ultimate

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             Here we are again trying to keep abreast of world affairs, though changing rapidly with phones that are smarter than people, hey they can tell where you are even when you don't know where you are. Apart from phones gadjetry is going through the roof with robots, drones and so much more. Unfortunately humans haven't made too much advances in learning how to co-habit the earth, we seem to have a spike in human elimination across the globe, so much so it has gotten too numerous to tabulate lest I miss a few. As the "war on terror" been going on for some time now so the actions and reactions are kind of expected, bearing in mind the disclosures of torture of prisoners by the US also kind of help to explain why beheadings has to take place in "orange" garb. So basically everyone we have been fighting in the "war on terror" are still around and instead guys with new names has now joined the fray. Now the great irony of this situation is based on political reasons "boots on the ground" is not allowed anymore so this part of the war is done by proxy who can't be trusted to get the right type of weaponry so there we are. But wait, while this is going on we have police departments in the US who concentrate on killing black people for whatever reason they can put together, from "resisting arrest" which can be not immediately responding to a verbal command, not exactly punching a cop, then there is the usual black youth attempting to disarm a police officer, usually with numerous colleagues in close proximity. Then again watching a police wannabe kill an unarmed black teenager who sees him with a gun and while shouting for help develops super-human strength  to the point where the vigilante feared for his life and had to take the teenager's, making him not liable even though an emergency dispatcher instructed him to stay in his car, just a suggestion I guess. Then there is the loose cigarette seller in New York who resisted arrest so much he somehow couldn't breathe and died as none of the about five police officer who interacted with him were responsible. This one takes the cake a mentally challenged  black guy is facing about five cops standing in firing-squad formation, he might have had a knife but the distance between him and the cops he would have to be a master knife- thrower to harm the cops, yet a cop must have said "lay on the ground" and he stood up and the the cops opened up a barrage of shots in typical firing squad style, gone are the days of leg shots or any other disabling technique, today it's straight for the kill, and any resulting public protest is met with military style onslought. Which brings me back to the original "war on terror" "boots on the ground" issue, if anyone was rearing to kill some people it would be these cops and unarmed civilians is not in their league these guys need to go nose to nose with some real threats for a change, they can just say they got chosen by their brilliant performance on TV it was evident they  were rearing for some real action.

                  Putting that aside it appears the Civil Rights Movement of the '60s has to dust off and re-activated as things are right back where the Movement started . The good thing is more white people are now standing up against these inhumane injustices so the ignorant and their ignorance are much more identifiable in society so in 2015 it would be good to see the gradual extinction of that breed. Hopefully 2015 wont be such a bloody year especially for children, once upon a time based on their neutrality and innocence that used to be the exception, apparently today it doesn't have the same impact, not even in accountability. I am seriously expecting some divine intervention as it seems most have drunken from the poisoned chalice..............Peace&Love

Democracy Turned on it's Head and other Injustices

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                  12 Sept. 2014




Well civilization has gotten to a point where it is kind of overwhelming to keep a constant update on the new things that men do.We will still try to give it a shot, in Syria we have a three year killing that I stopped countingafter 160,000 as it tends to boggle the mind, especially as a football fan where 60,000 attendance is a fair enough figure to fill some stadiums. Putin found George Bush as a weak link, so while he was hanging out at Camp David and Bush calling him "Puti-poot" and "a real stand-up guy" he was devising the resurgence of the Soviet Union while the West was distracted preoccupied with Financial shenanigans so it's gonna take them some time to shift from finances to security mode. If I hear another new report starting with "Russia has denied" I might go on hunger strike. Then over in Egypt we have an elected government sabotaged with public services, then a protest is organised and the military steps in to overthrow the government after one year into their term, brand them terrorists and set about issuing death sentences like they were going out of style, these guys were so over the edge they arrested a group of girl students and slapped 14 yearssentences on them before they came back to earth and freed them. But then arrested some Al Jazeera journalist for aiding the former government and laid 7 years and 10 years sentences on them. I think an important opportunity was missed to as they say "win hearts and minds" when the killings of women and children in Syria caused so much complications to assist those being bombed daily, now a more ruthless player has stepped in the breach who are not exactly waiting around forweapons to be used against the US as the great fear was, and realistically arming these people in the outset would cause them to ignore Assad and head for America with their shiny American weapons, who came up with this idea, ironically all along these guys could have gotten American weapons from the Iraqi soldiers, so there goes that idea. Everyone turned a blind eye to Malaki running a Shia government and the over used tag of terrorists was applied to the mainstream Sunni politicians, still no one batted an eye. Gaza is as you were since no one seems to be able to see anything wrong with the living standards of the Palestinians and killing 500+ children is something todays soldiers do Patton, Montgomery and Rommel must be turning in their graves.

Black Supporters Wanted

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     I am becoming a bit worried as I am convinced there are black people among us who would buy slaves, and I am not talking about white slaves as some sort of payback, but black slaves often times from the same country of origin.I am scared to even accept advice from some of my own for fear of me owing them my life. Bob Marley said in the song "Revelation" "never make a politician grant you a favor, for they will always want to, control you for ever" now it seems our people has basically become politician or some kind of trader, watching a kinfolk make it to the top has become a harrowing experience. Others identify this among us and regularly pit us agaist each other with the most trivial of baits, the the old "divide and rule" kicks in. It has now become almost impossible for some black people to support other black people without immediate returns in sight. In the case of the black pop star that they support because everyone else is e.g. a Michael Jackson the tendency is to latch on to the first negative that comes along to quickly terminate that support. It's like most have over-dosed on "Willy Lynch Syndrome", I've seen married couples being caught up in the trend and the "for better or worse, for richer or poorer" goes out the window to be replaced by "who has more money this month" where support in todays black marriage is heavily financial based on the immediate. Gone are the days of they loved each other so much that  she did low-paying jobs to help him through Medical School, now he has a Degree in Medicine and the future is looking bright for them and their children. Instead the black millenium couple is tabulating who paid for what and somebody is living off somebody. Then on the black female side there is that friend who is usually single, to point out the frailties of supporting your husband even just till he is paid. The that's where the "black on black slavery" begins  as some black women see these periods as periods of empowerment over her husband and as such try to prolong them, as if it's some kind of turn-on to be "the man of the house" by sabotaging his undertakings to create that "massa" and servant atmosphere usually to impress the single girlfriends.Soon it's no longer a case of love and trust but instead it's now ownership and searching the phone.

     It's not only in the relationship context these rules apply, I have collaborated with many people for their benefit and when it's done there is not even credit or reward but the satisfaction comes from both you and that person knowing you had assisted them from point A to point B even though some egoes wont allow them to admit it reality does slap you in the face every now and then.There is this thinking amongst black males, paranoia even, "that he is going to make it before me" so like we said earlier we will grudginly support the black pop star or superstar, especially if he is already supported by a female love interest, but to actually support a potential star just starting out, well it's got to be a case of I also run a record store so it's a financial investment or I promote shows so I love Reggae artistes. Yet lets take Rock music, as often as a new white guy comes along he's got his white supporters and he doesn't have to be Metallica. We are not saying to support garbage in order for blacks to support blacks but for some reason we hold each other to such high ideals for our simple support when it should be second nature as not in every instants support involves the spending of money at times it's simply "word of mouth". All I'm saying is all the designer names that don't look like us that we have financed for most our lives its time we started taking stock in - house ....... Peace

It's All Becoming Clearer Now

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    I find myself so often nowadays referring to Malcolm X's phrase of "the chickens coming home to roost". Seems our generation has been chosen to see the revelation of all these important sayings and prophecies  of those patriarchs that went before us. First it is now apparent that all the wealth accumulated from the slave trade that help to bring the European nations that participated economical prominence has either been mismanaged or squandered, as today all are crying for financial woes even though they hadn't  remunerated the children of slaves for the work their fore-parents had done. As a matter of fact they find it easier remunerating the bank execs that were given the money for safe-keeping, who said "everyone should be paid according to their work", oh that was the bible and their usual answer would be "that  was in that time" as the guidance provided by the bible has been so manipulated that the few truths that are still left in now has expiry dates, after a certain length of time it is no longer significant.

           All along I felt bonuses were garnered when top bankers devised ways to "con" their customers e.g. with illegal charges from absurd penalties and the cash intake from that directed to the genius/con-man that first came up with the plan in the form of bonuses. Recently one guy took over a so-called 40% owned by the tax-payer bank and promptly laid off 122,000 staff  obviously  we now have a 122,000 annual salary surplus, when translated this becomes bonus for the guy  that pulled this caper. Then one of these "three-card men" came up with an idea of selling customers Payment Protection Insurance, on the face it should come in handy if you run on hard times it should kick in the cover your payments of illegal charges and obcene interests till you are able to take up the slack, only problem is your claim can only be entertained if you become bankrupt or file for divorce, which I dont think many people would trade for someone paying two or three payments on your due date for you. So in otherwords this was a insurance that could not be claimed on. Unfortunately there were no regulators to "nip it in the bud" till after billions were made in the scam. Again the guy that invented this scam is now deserving of a bonus, or should I say entitled as it has proved almost impossible to undo after it is earmarked, unless as a face-saving measure one should voluntarily refuse it. It is so written in stone that even the UK Prime Minister  comes out in defence of the bonus recipients. Hold on one minute was that the same PM that froze public sector workers legal salary for the past three years, seriously requires a cap on benefits for the less privileged, tries to set people in jobs at odds with people on benefits, chiselling away at the pensions of  teachers, doctors and indian chief, the dust hadn't settled from the riots last August before the decision was made to start evicting, again the less privileged from their council homes even while some who suffered damages to their businesses are still awaiting compensation.A mass of youth were promptly sentenced from a bunch of still photos possibly from Facebook and information gathered, while the incident that triggered the riots doesn't even have a clear story as to what exactly happened, talking about priorities. When I read about these type of things in my history class in high school the word tyranny is usually not far away

            Then it happened one bank decided they were so deep in PPI compensation that they fired the guys that devised the plan, another bank decided to have portions of bonuses returned. Now we have a saying in Jamaica "if you throw a stone in a pig pen the one that squeals is the one that got hit", so to ask for bonuses to be returned on the strength  of  the PPI compensation means that's where the bonus came from in the first place. I was amazed to see one guy on TV  doing his best verbal gymnastics explaining the hardships and hard work they faced having to take on this monumental task of having to refund the people they defrauded. We not done yet remember that same tax-payer part-owned bank we mentioned earlier well they suffered a £2 billion  loss last year, the PM and his cronies needn't worry though as the "poor things" managed to salvage £ 785,000 bonus to appease their financial addiction. Like I said these things are written in stone, the only problem I had was the fact my high school math teacher Mrs. Nurse and my accounts teacher Mr. Mason would not let me hear the end of it if I  didn't notice that if they made £2 billion loss obviously they actually made £1 billion loss and still determined to have their compulsory bonus which they added to the loss and rounded off to £2 billion. Thank God for good teachers.

             Talking about school, the passing of Whitney Houston gave us a reminder that "the children are our future" but for some reason there has been an onslaught on our future. The black children are criminalised at the drop of a hat, there is a special police unit supposedly to deal with "black on black" gun crime but I have never heard a success story of this unit having a positive effect on some youth that they turned around from gun or gang influence, or some program they started where black youth had a progressive alternative to following gang life. Instead they are regularly humiliated and falsely accused with a single aim in mind to have as much of them in society with criminal records, which in turn thwarts their career advancement as only dead-end jobs are available with a criminal record. Ironically this practice  affects the wider economy of the country as there is no way to compete with China, India, Brazil and the rest of emerging economies with a large portion of your potential workforce with criminal records. Then to add insult to injury the ones that managed  to evade the criminal justice system are faced  with a hike in university tuition fees, making higher education almost unreachable for  those from lower income families. Then their £30 EMA allowance that used to be an incentive for staying in school towards higher education and providing assistance to students for their school related expenses, was uncermoniously taken away. Wait they weren't done yet with our future, they devised this so-called voluntary work experience, though some students claim it's mandatory under the threat of having benefits taken away. Not since slavery have such a scheme to acquire free-labor been devised, even companies who would benefit from the scheme has rejected it. These student are expected to do the work paid workers do but for no pay. Now I grew up and went to high school  in what is called a Third World country in the '60s. At 16 years-old I got my first "holiday job" at the General Post Office, there was a level of work we were allowed to do, less than the permanent workers but apart from that we were "paid according to our work" including overtime, especially at Christmas holidays. Today in 21st century Britain my son goes to work in a reputable bank as work experience, he needs proper attire, remember this is a bank he has to be presentable and he also needs travel expense to and from work experience but he cannot be afforded a penny from the beneficiaries of his work  and whatever profit is derived goes towards the top execs bonus pot. Now having children experience work without experiencing pay as it should be is counter-productive, very soon other countries will start complaining about British workers undermining their labor force by accepting less pay than them for the same amount of work as any pay will be a step up for the "work experienced British" whose pay started  from nothing. In my case my work experience taught me the responsibility of holding down my holiday job for every recurring holiday till I left high school and because of the experience I was so driven after high school to get a permanent job that it took me three months to land a job at Barclays Bank at age 18 years-old.That's the incentive that comes from real work experience for the real world,with real pay. The government's way sounds like "slavery by stealth" to me, talk about "child labor".Seems for the future of the country we'll have the "big society" and the servants of the "big society".

                The conviction of two guys for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence had institutional racism back on the front burner, every channell during that period had their say. The 19 year-old McPherson's Report  was again gaining attention, but the silence of the government on the subject was deafening. Diane Abbot tweeted some opinion she had and it started a fire-storm,  but on McPherson complete silence, even though at this point institutional racism had spread from the Met to the media where newspapers pays police to manipulate cases and potentially exaggerate crimes by certain races over others,while trivialising crimes against one sector and sensationalise crimes against another, the transport system that certain races have to bow to access the service while having a pre-paid card for said service and "the lady on the tram". Still government silence, but hold on some footballers did some racist name calling, look here comes the PM with the cavalry, we need to convene a summit on racism, get a good camera shot of John Barnes this is football we dealing with apart from the gate receipt there is TV revenue at stake here, you realise how much MONEY we could potentially lose if this permeates the league. To prove how off-message we are lets throw homophobia in there too, what started it again, oh yes racist remarks by some footballers. Again my condolences to the Lawrence family on the loss of their son and anyone else that lost a loved one through racism........Peace


Jusic Info

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    First we would like to welcome our new members and greetings to our long term regulars. Busy time now as people power is on the move, for some time now I been wondering how smug these western governments were during the "Arab Spring" as they call it, again as if "that can happen there but is impossible here" attitude as if people in the Middle East  was in some kind of globally seperated bubble. Their arrogance shows they not too familiar with the bible story of Joshua and the wall of Jericho, yep as far back as that people power been shaking up things. It's time banks returned to places where we save our money period nothing more nothing less. No more buying politicians with campaign lump sums, no more politicians turning a blind eye to obcene bonuses earmarked for future campaign coffers, no more financial institutions influencing policy, especially as they weren't elected. In the bible I read the prophet Isiah commanded the sun to stand still in order to extend the time, well I got news for you, banks have been doing the reverse every day. Let me explain, how many people are aware that the end of the bank's day is not 12 midnight instead it's 3:30pm, so if it's Tuesday after 3:30pm it's now Wednesday in banking language, so if you have a bill to pay by Tuesday get there before 3:30 or you are facing some late fees. This is even worst if it's a weekend, past 3:30 on Friday can land you in Monday the following week. Then there is this con about the cheque you deposit taking five working days to clear, that's another "three card monty", I did Commerce in High School that covered banking, we learnt about the "Clearing House" which was an overnight process where  all the different banks would gather e.g. RBS, Barclays etc. so if I a Barclays customer lodged a RBS cheque it would be cleared overnight and my cash is in my Barclays account in the morning, even in the '70s it was close to that time frame. Now we have fax machine, online transactions completed after a mouse click , yet the richest guys with the biggest bonuses can't move a cheque, sometimes from their own branches in less than five days, in the past we would say the "slow boat from China" but not even China is slow anymore. My opinion is over the five day period our money is invested and sometimes played on the stockmarket before we the owners are allowed access to it. There are a myriad of shenanigans these guys deploy in their "them against us world". What amaze me the most is while the cutting and belt-tightening these guys are all seeing business as usual.

           Check out the link Black Equinox Sound Events for links to download some of our Yardstyle Reggae Shows on Genesis Radio below the Genesis logo.............Peace & Love