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2017 The Revelation!

Posted on March 2, 2017 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

    Ok so where do we begin, yes let us thank The Most High for allowing a lot of us to get this far, enabling us to see the fruits of seeds planted in an earlier time in our lives. A lot of things that were "hidden from the wise and prudent" has been revealed before the eyes of "the babes and sucklings" of the wise and prudent. We are now armed with information that only our parents and grandparents were privy to while we were growing up, then some information are completely different from what our parents and grandparents were privy to and we had  to restructure our past mindset to adjust to our enlightenment. Isolationist live by the code of "us against them" when in reality we are now more globally connected and interdepedent than ever, again by the availability of a new wealth of information. So I am able to meet a guy in a foreign country who has never been to Jamaica who is able to relate precise information to me of people I grew up with as if they also grew up with them, on occassion telling me of myself even though we never met and this was before Social Media took a foothold. Sinister ones are still struggling to use secrecy and mis-information to have their way but today it's a tougher trick to pull off and politicians up and down the globe are getting "bloody noses" for past infractions when "the wool" was over most eyes. So we are going to outline a sequence of events seen through our spectacles as to where human civilization has reached.

       At the end of the "Bush-Blair" era, the political template, especially in the UK, was for politicians to go all out to gain the trust of the populace, parlay that into electoral power, then head for the appearance circuit to pull in bags of money or spin-off into a high paying consultancy gig where the knowledge from government is used to advance the interest of company "A" or company "B" like a kind of "insider trader". As you notice  nothing to do with the standard of living of the actual population regarding homelessness and poverty, which is what the initial interview for the job was about, but after getting the job this has been the modern route. Obviously David Cameron was great admirer of Tony Blair, they just happen to be in different parties. So Cameron was intent on doing his "Blair stint" and riding off in the sunset but there was a mishap, Nigel Farage kinda ruffled his feathers while he had the electorate eating out of his hands as the opposition of the day was mystified by his "Blair-like" tendencies, especially when he tagged the 2008 performances of AIG and the Banksters squarely at the Labour Party's doorstep when not even Bush's past performance was being blamed in the US. The Labour Party leadership apparently was in agreement with the Conservative analysis, it was so successful the mantra is still being applied today. So Cameron as a leader who mainly governed by TV, hard hats and high-vis jackets, he decided to pull a coup on the EU, what better time as when they started to show cracks with Greece's fiancial situation. So he decided let me use the power of the Empire and show Farage "I can get an even better sweetheart deal with the EU than PMs past  and for leverage I will hold over their heads the fact Britain wouldn't hesitate to leave the Union if disatisfied", good poker position, but this wasn't poker and the EU called the bluff. Now a real poker player would call a referendum and be at the front supporting the bluff to leave, instead the bluff turned out to be "I  personally think it's suicidal to do what I threatened the EU Britain might do" so the guy who triggered the referendum to leave the EU suddenly became the face of the EU. But  wait, the plot thickens after the referendum results to leave, instead of turning over the reigns to the people with "fire in their bellies" to leave the people who first saw it as a mistake were converted and baptised  and was "full steam ahead at all costs" even to butt heads with the High Court.  Unfortunately this debacle is about to create a domino effect where every "loony" with an alternate view starts to "see light at the end of the tunnel" every phobia is seeing it as their time to shine validated by "didn't you see what happened in the UK" the poster-child for abandoning friends.

              Now on the other side of the coin across the pond, in fear of being regarded as "fake news" I wont delve too much in what everyone already knows and I guarantee you while I am writing this something new is coming down the pike and I like to keep current. But there are a few things that kind of stand out that I couldn't avoid or ignore. I was apalled at the "black-lash" for having a black man, let me correct that, having a man mixed with black in the US White House. Obama spent most of his Presidency trying to prove he measured up to the office of President of the USA, so much so he basically smoothed over black issues in an attempt to prove his impartiality towards blacks. Yet the venom and vitriol that was unearthed in the election campaign is an indictment that in the US it is almost impossible for a man with black appearance to even get a "so-so" rating for a fair job done. Seems this whole civilisation thing is rooted in mollasses or quick-sand. I have seen opposing poiticians who are big enough to admit to or commend the good in their opponent, but this high degree of bitterness using Judge Clarence Thomas' words "is an high-tech lynching". What would happen to America if Barack Obama went down in history as one of the great American Presidents, JFK never did two terms but we all loved him, so would this be a blight on American presidential history for good to be said of a President with black features. Right now the Presidential bar is set so low I can already guarantee you this new fella is bound for greatness, matters not what he says or does, as a matter of fact he has already been ear-marked for a second term even before he took office, remember that pile of documents with a conversation that went something like this "I am turning all these businesses over to my sons and in eight years if they mess up I'll say you are fired" so I guess eight years it is, who needs elections. Peace&Love Walk Good.

The Laws of Immigration

Posted on June 20, 2016 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (3)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                20 June 2016

Apparently someone somewhere has a land title for the earth and they have carved it up giving allotments to those closest to them and next of kin, each in turn set's up what has come to be known as "immigration laws" by which the "us" and "them" got it's start. In the scriptures I read where Christ was teaching and the crowd got so large he had to get in a ship and sail to a different location, Paul was up and down the high seas but no evidence of anyone having to clear customs. Immigration laws are the breeding ground of some of the most inhumane racist practices. On one of those border control programs to make extra money I've seen Australian immigration confiscate a Brazilian's percussion instrument which is like a goard with some seeds strung around it for a shaker sound. Now Australian immigration stated the seeds may be dangerous for Australian agriculture, you know those alien seeds that the Creator also made like the ones in Australia is now a threat as it's being carried by one of "them". Also analize the mindset, this percussionist while in Australia will forego whatever his earning would be anytime he performed, in place of planting the seeds from his percussion instrument in Australia for I don't know what benefit. Next the "us" are so superior that refugees have to be housed away from the soil they tread on offshore somewhere, all this under the assumption the rest of us are so blinkered we cant see the blatant racism and prejudice.Hopefully one day I too will be able to see the title as I read somewhere "the earth is the Lord's".

The ways of the World

Posted on January 4, 2016 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

3 Jan. 2016

        Wishing everyone a Peaceful and Progressive 2016, with special emphasis on the Peaceful, talk about "wars and rumours of war". It's been a long time since we had one of those Jusic sit-downs where we reflect on the ways of the world. From where I am sitting at this point in our generation we have exceeded all possible atrocities and "man's inhumanity to man" humanly possible, be real now is there any worst scenario possible across all sectors governments, goods and services, policing, religions, race relations and I could go on, not to mention the "right when it's my friend, wrong when it's your friend" crowd. Take this example, there was a period of spreading "democracy" at all cost, if you wont accept there is destabilisation and possibly "regime change" which on another day would read overthrowing the government. Anyway after years of this formula up steps the "Muslim Brotherhood" democratic to a fault in winning the populace of the Egyptian election after the overthrow of Mubarak. Actively participated in the Palestinian situation, for the first time Egypt appeared more humane toward the Palestinian suffering, so you would think the next time they were bombed this Egypt would give them refuge. Then suddenly the old government machinery used sabotage to tarnish the "Brotherhood" and the claim was in the space of a year the electorate had had enough and the military would respond to their cry from this "one year" of bondage. Even in Jamaica we are civilise enough that no matter how upset we are with a government we express it at the end of their term in office, as that's what it is a "term of office". Well everyone and their cousin refused to call it a "coup" so this military guy elected himself President and put on a suit and went on to start handing out death sentences like gift vouchers, teenage school girls demonstrated and were looking at 14 years, even Al Jazeera journalists got caught in the mix as suddenly the former Muslim Brotherhood government is now rubber-stamped as terrorists so any interaction with former ministers or expressing favourable sentiments you are right up there with the "Jihadis" of the world, as for me I'll wait till they get rid of this guy before I go check out the pyramids.

Now it's not like we are headed for some "big bang" or whatever new name they come up with, it's just that man and mankind had a bit of a lifespan to come up with some things to fullfil the instruction of "go forth and multiply and replenish the earth" and this is what they ended up with,ones that are deluded by money and not the earth. So just like we read in ancient times these ones will be erased by whatever method and replacements will have a chance to have another go at it. Remember we have stopped at "Third World" for some time now, chances are we are up to about "Sixth" as I think that line in the prayer that said "world without end" was a plant, as how did you get to second and third without an end to one of the previous. The "bonus" cash "greed is good" world is coming to a crashing end but as the earth remains we have another opportunity to "multiply and replenish the earth" forget about this "sorry ass" lot.  Have a Peace&Love 2016