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The ways of the World

Posted on January 4, 2016 at 12:50 AM

3 Jan. 2016

        Wishing everyone a Peaceful and Progressive 2016, with special emphasis on the Peaceful, talk about "wars and rumours of war". It's been a long time since we had one of those Jusic sit-downs where we reflect on the ways of the world. From where I am sitting at this point in our generation we have exceeded all possible atrocities and "man's inhumanity to man" humanly possible, be real now is there any worst scenario possible across all sectors governments, goods and services, policing, religions, race relations and I could go on, not to mention the "right when it's my friend, wrong when it's your friend" crowd. Take this example, there was a period of spreading "democracy" at all cost, if you wont accept there is destabilisation and possibly "regime change" which on another day would read overthrowing the government. Anyway after years of this formula up steps the "Muslim Brotherhood" democratic to a fault in winning the populace of the Egyptian election after the overthrow of Mubarak. Actively participated in the Palestinian situation, for the first time Egypt appeared more humane toward the Palestinian suffering, so you would think the next time they were bombed this Egypt would give them refuge. Then suddenly the old government machinery used sabotage to tarnish the "Brotherhood" and the claim was in the space of a year the electorate had had enough and the military would respond to their cry from this "one year" of bondage. Even in Jamaica we are civilise enough that no matter how upset we are with a government we express it at the end of their term in office, as that's what it is a "term of office". Well everyone and their cousin refused to call it a "coup" so this military guy elected himself President and put on a suit and went on to start handing out death sentences like gift vouchers, teenage school girls demonstrated and were looking at 14 years, even Al Jazeera journalists got caught in the mix as suddenly the former Muslim Brotherhood government is now rubber-stamped as terrorists so any interaction with former ministers or expressing favourable sentiments you are right up there with the "Jihadis" of the world, as for me I'll wait till they get rid of this guy before I go check out the pyramids.

Now it's not like we are headed for some "big bang" or whatever new name they come up with, it's just that man and mankind had a bit of a lifespan to come up with some things to fullfil the instruction of "go forth and multiply and replenish the earth" and this is what they ended up with,ones that are deluded by money and not the earth. So just like we read in ancient times these ones will be erased by whatever method and replacements will have a chance to have another go at it. Remember we have stopped at "Third World" for some time now, chances are we are up to about "Sixth" as I think that line in the prayer that said "world without end" was a plant, as how did you get to second and third without an end to one of the previous. The "bonus" cash "greed is good" world is coming to a crashing end but as the earth remains we have another opportunity to "multiply and replenish the earth" forget about this "sorry ass" lot.  Have a Peace&Love 2016

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