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Jusic International Update

Posted on August 3, 2011 at 8:31 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi all, with all the recent cuts I guess we have to cut down on our communications as a cost cutting measure, just joking but that line is trendy now, you can get away with most dishonesty you never got away with before as long as you remember  to say "it will save us billions", kinda famine before the feast analogy. By the time the feast is supposed to come around there will be a new analogy and with the short attention span of the populace who will remember.

        Then we come to find out that not only black people and so called agitators were having their phones and other communications hacked into, but the practice has been extended to crime victims and others in an attempt to corner the major share of newspaper sales. Hey there was also a crime-making affiliation where newspapers and police would collude in which crimes created the biggest sensation hence driving newspaper sales. Again in the black community some of us been privy to this link especially with the black on black Trident squad of whom the media is "the wind beneath their wings", I am yet to hear of a black youth who is willing to say after getting involved with Trident he has turned his life around, to the contrary Trident is designed to ruin young black lives, I guess less competition in the workforce plain and simple. Collect information from a jealous baby-mother, use it to ruin the life of the baby-father, from the broken home we then gradually ease the children into Social care and the cycle is repeated black household after black household. These guys are so black on black focused that for 20 plus years the white on black killers of Stephen Lawrence has been walking free when everyone and their cousin knew who they were except the police.

   On a lighter note as usual there is free downloads of new music from Jusic International on our CDs, Vinyl and MP3s for sale page for our site members follow the links to the tracks of your choice. Remember to check out our Jusic International sponsored Yardstyle Reggae Show on Genesis Radio www.genesisradio.co.uk every Tue. 1- 4pm GMT, Sat. & Sun. 3 - 6am GMT


To Jusic members and friends

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 6:28 AM Comments comments (0)

    Hi everyone, just thought  I'd drop a few lines to you at this point of annual transformation where we make decisions to improve whatever it was that we thought we kind of slacked off on,but nowadays it's more like "crunch-time" as if ïf we dont get it right this time that's it". So I would like to suggest going into 2011 as much of us as possible get on a campaign to bring back humanity in all it's shapes, forms, gender, colour, ethnicity etc., we take offence to hearing humans are starving anywhere, we take offence to hearing humans are facing injustices in their daily lives anywhere, we take offence to laws that are framed as a "cull" for certain human ethnicities anywhere and so on. Let's  strive for a humane society  where the majority stands for what's right and just and not the so-called "party platform", peoples voices are known to bring down walls, so in each ones own way we can work at letting "righteousness cover the earth, like the waters cover the sea". 

      I'm writing you from Amsterdam where we just finished three new tracks at a studio named Gully Bank with Rude Rich and the High Notes band, these tracks will be released on our new digital album for 2011 "Nu Jusic" along with other recent releases from Junia Walker , also introducing new artiste Michael Diamond with "Cry for Justice"and for the first time a Hip-Hop track among the Reggae by new UK sensation E-Own with "Go on Girl" with a Michael Jackson sample while mike  was alive, also set for 2011 release in digital stores is E-Own's album "Strictly for My Thinkaz" UK Hip-Hop's finest with  thought provoking tracks for the young folks, then from the lost tapes archive is the original "Roots, Rock Reggae Showcase" by Junia Walker  will be available for the first time on digital download in 2011, something about "the first being the last" as this was the first album released by Jusic International.We are in the final stages of editing of our book "Junia Reggae the Journey from King St." which will be in bookstores,kindle and e-books early 2011. We will resume free downloads of special recordings for our members as soon as we transfer to a new file host.

          Best wishes for the New Year and as New Year's Day is my birthday everyone has permission to have the best New Years ever but it's my birthday so keep it holy lol.....Peace&Love

Dark Days

Posted on November 18, 2010 at 12:38 PM Comments comments (0)

        Hi all. Just thinking that after the beating we took these past couple years from financial institutions and their off-shoots, how about us getting our own back by pulling some survivalist measures in the height of their spending expectation season, this time we try and find enjoyment sharing stories with family and friends of the massive spendings of holidays past, while avoiding any spending this time come to think of it a lot of the gifts were stamped "made in China" especially the toys, so that also goes a long way to explain why today one guy is "holding all the cards", so instead of tripping over each other to part with your cash this season, give each of our families a shot to be the next China. Like the saying goes "old habits die hard" so I know it's not going to happen, worst of all the bonus guys start to see me as the "anti-Christ" just when they are preaching that consumers need to find more money from somewhere to show what they call "consumer confidence" when translated means tripping over each other part with your cash.

           It's just a shame it had to come to this, yet again without these "dark days" a lot of longstanding chicanery would never be exposed to the "regular Joe", just think how long illegal bank and credit card charges were being administered, how long mis-sold PPI Insurance were forced on customers, ear-marked to fail mortgages and other investments passed on to trusting clients, yet all these wrongs were giving a fair deal of time for coffers to be full to overflowing, before being discovered years later and two or three guys are held up as the poster child for this mis-deed as proof that the consumer is somewhat being protected before moving to the "next to be discovered" swindle. The shame comes from attending high school and have it drilled in your head how terrible life and living in communist countries were, these people had to stand in line for bread and walk around with i.d.'s  in case they are stopped, I'd been so scarred to date I am yet to visit a communist or former communist country, yet what does today's reality show  Fidel Castro has seen off more US Presidents than I can remember and there are those in his country who never miss one of his rallies even when he is not there, the Russians have modified their brand of communism meaning they were not arrogant to ignore the need for some change, China is taking steps at their own pace but the Olympics proves their embrace of inclusion, yet these guys ideology that I followed from high school turn out to be smiling with me, lead me up a darl alley, they alone come out and I am in the alley stripped of everything including my shoes, such a letdown having advocated these guys ideology and even participated as a bank clerk for three years.

             Recently in the UK university students were demonstrating about a possible increase in tuition, shortly thereafter there was a news report of  UK banks in discussion if they could survive on £4 billion bonus instead of their usual £7 billion annually, I can't say if it has been resolved but what I can say is this, as soon as the crisis hit before anyone checked how I and my family would cope we were informed that a bunch of £ billions was needed desperately for the banks, we were further told this money should be coming from the taxpayers coffers, as no one had previously made me aware the taxpayer had this kind of money lying around while I am paying an annual license for turning on my T.V., no one asked if I agreed or disagreed so like everyone else we thought I just hope they know what they are doing as these banks have already proved they don't care how many of us go homeless. So with this dillema of how much bonus will appease our "darling bankers" I suggest someone in government stand up with a straight face and explain to the bankers that although they haven't notice  we are in dire financial straits and cuts are expected in the military, police, firemen, civil servants etc. and those are the ones that already had a job, we don't have to repeat the situation of the university students, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that a couple £million saving here and there would be dwarfed if UK bankers could forgo their bonus for two years and make available to the government the potential £14 billion, judging from past performance the government would do the same for the bankers, then again it's not like we saying these guys should go without a annual salary, this is bonus, surplus, extras, in account every debit has a corresponding

credit so it is my opinion for a bonus to be derived some customer or customers were debited for things that had no corresponding credit to them e.g. interest and other illegal practices we mentioned earlier which fill the coffers to overflow, so hopefully it wont be a hard decision to make especially as they still have to live among us humans, bankers you have no need to fear as I am proof that you can live to your 50s without a six-figure bonus so two years is a cake walk.

PS  A couple days after this blog post former footballer Eric Cantona has call for a spending boycott this holiday.


Will we ever be rid of Greedy unregulated institutions?

Posted on September 24, 2010 at 8:02 AM Comments comments (1)

I just completed a three month wrestling match with a company named Claims Financial who I had the misfortune of coming in contact with by ticking a box online that I would be interested in discussing recovery of mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance from my credit card companies. After ticking this box I was fervently pursued with constant texts encouraging me to as they say "fast track my claim", now before it became public knowledge  that most PPI was mis-sold I had stumbled on this fact as far back as 2007 when some royalties were delayed and I realised my PPI did not come to my rescue as a self-employed individual I needed to be "wound up"  or no longer receive any income from my business, which by the nature of said business even when I die income will continue from Broadcasting and Performance royalties, hence I discontinued payments.The courts made it law that customers should recover payments made prior to the law, suddenly Claims company were springing up all over offering to recover customers money usually for a percentage of the recovery, The Office of The Financial Ombudsman Service made me aware I was able to do this on my own but thinking of the time consuming  back and forth that might be involved I thought it no big deal to pay a company a percentage to take care of the formalities for me, after all they are tripping over themselves offering their services. The first company I tried with took 25% of my recovery including illegal charges but over a year of recovering the more sizeable returns these guys decided to move the goal-post for the rest with brand new terms, so I terminated my dealings with them, so I was very reluctant  when this Claims Financial started hounding me and went as far as explaining to them my earlier experience and outlined if exploitation was their objective I'll take a pass, yet they stuck to their task declaring they were regulated by the Ministry of Justice so I decided to take a chance on them, first thing was to "fast track my claim" I needed to sign some forms and provide my card details which immediately sent off alarm bells as their mantra was "No win No fee""No upfront fee", so I called them on this and they gave me some cock-a-maney explaination that this was needed to validate the agreement, so far no terms of agreement was made available so in my mind I am thinking of a similar 25% or thereabouts of the recovery would be required by them, now I started dealing with this company in June 2010 and the first recovery for £140.19 was offered by my first credit card, I was preparing for a business trip so I decided to call the claim company to arrange payment to them before I departed, to my shock a lady informed me they required 50%, when I voiced my diapproval she told me that was an error, there is a fixed fee for PPI recovery of £450.00 that is outlined in their terms of agreement, which had been quietly sent to me after the necessary signings and credit card details, so if you do the math with me my recovery of £140.19 will now need an additional £310.00 to satisfy this claim company, I promptly reported my experience to the Ministry of Justice, The Trading Standards for my county and Consumers Direct plus a letter of termination to CF dated 24 July 2010 in other words it took close to a month for me to realise I wanted to have nothing to do with this company, their reaction was to completely ignore my termination letter and my correspondence with the Ministry of Justice while insisting they now needed £140.19 as their fee for the recovery of £140.19, now in my assesment of the English Language "No Win No Fee" meant these people had just nullified any chance of them getting a fee as for me to recover zero of my recovery don't exactly sound like a win on my part, then the "No Upfront fee" make £450.00 for PPI claims sounds very much like an upfront fee. To my surprise instead of the Ministry of Justice coming down hard on these people for trying to exploit consumers they were more sounding like assisting me to cope with the company's frivolities like suggesting I send them a cheque for 25% that if they took me to court that would be favorable to my defence, which I did and CF duly returned my cheque to me and approximately one month after my termination letter they used my credit card details to withdraw £140.19 while sending letters of upcoming recoveries they are working on, as if apart from my signature I had no say in the matter regarding access to my finances, at one point they had a new invoice for an offer from another card claiming if I didn't respond they would deem I got the money direct all based on the efforts of their crack legal team similar to the "OJ Dream Team", unknown to them since my termination letter I had informed all my card I am no longer represented by CF so as we speak my card company is in the process of recovering my £140.19 from them  and I a legal novice has successfully recovered all my outstanding PPI while still receiving daily texts and phone calls to I guess strike some fear in me, eventually the Ministry of Justice informed me that they have agreed to accept 25% of the £140.19 while still encouraging me to call them as if still trying to give them the preference, when frankly I was prepared to go to court to be updated as to the kind of society we are presently living in, as I mentioned to the lady at the MOJ if one of these companies had in their terms that I needed to sell my children into slavery and I didn't notice it  would I then be required to sell my children into slavery, or are we a society that can discern right from wrong in all it's forms. Like the Business Secretary Mr. Vince Cable said this past week we need to take a carefull look at Capitalism as I for one is having second thoughts of a system that  gives free reign to those that wish to cannibalise the poor masses for their individual greed, how on earth could you be recovering money that was illegally taken from me in the first place and with a straight face try to take every penny of my said money with the most forcible of arrogance, when my reality is as a descendant of slaves who is yet  to recover my foreparents blacksmith, farming, childcare, cook etc wages  while placing all those occupations under the heading of slavery, what is it about us that we are not allowed to have money.

Response to Tea Party, NAACP is racist-Color of Change.org

Posted on July 17, 2010 at 6:08 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Junior,

Earlier this week the NAACP called on the Tea Party to reject the racism that exists within its own ranks.1 Not surprisingly, Tea Party activists were outraged and denied that racism is a part of their movement — despite a clear, documented pattern of bigotry and hate.2

Then yesterday, one of the Tea Party's biggest leaders proved the NAACP's point. Mark Williams, the public face of the Tea Party Express, attacked the NAACP as a "racist" organization, and said "they make more money off of race than any slave trader, ever."3,4 He went on to write a blog post implying that Black people don't like to work or think for themselves, that we depend on welfare, and that we want to benefit from White people's tax dollars so we can have a widescreen TV in every room.5 Sadly, we're not exaggerating.

If Tea Party leaders want to have any credibility on race, they need to start by kicking Mark Williams out of their movement. If they refuse, it will be clearer than ever that Tea Party leaders accept and rely on racism as an integral part of their approach to politics.

You can help us take the first step. Please join us in challenging Tea Party leaders to reject Williams' statements and remove him from his position at the Tea Party Express. And please ask your friends and family to do the same. It takes just a moment:


The NAACP was absolutely right in calling out the tea party, and we applaud them for doing so. The NAACP has a history of combating racism and seeking a more just country for all Americans, and their action was a demonstration of that commitment.

While some of us want to brush the Tea Party off as fringe, the reality is that they are attempting to build political power, and it's important that they not embrace the kind of racism that Mark Williams represents. Of course, if they choose to do so, then it's important to make clear to all Americans that they are a home for racism and bigotry.

The racism we've seen within the Tea Party movement is dangerous — it's the promotion of a hateful agenda under the guise of political empowerment. Forcing the hand of Tea Party leaders is important if we want to prevent bigotry and hate from driving mainstream political conversations, and worse, public policy.

If enough of us act together, we can force the Tea Party leaders to make a choice — to take real action to reject racism or to accept that the Tea Party will be rightfully seen as a movement that welcomes and benefits from the lowest forms of bigotry. You can help us make that happen by adding your voice below. It takes just a moment:


Thanks and Peace,

-- James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Milton and the rest of the ColorOfChange.org team

   July 16th, 2010



Why not go the full way and disband the "Tea Party" all together, it is obvious it was formed solely for race-baiting by disgruntled election losers who are opposed to the fact of a black man running the United States. Now that the "Tea Party" has touched on the subject of "slave traders" isn't it time some of these descendants of slave traders (potentially most of the Tea Party)start making efforts to pay the descendants of slaves for the work they have done before the arrival of flat-screen TV, it is my opinion that would go a long way to ease the paranoia of "the black man is yearning after my possessions" while at the same time the more we make of our own accord like a Michael Jackson or Mike Tyson efforts are in place to re-enslave them, so come on "Tea Party" pay the debt and put it all behind you, then bury the hatchet.


Response to Tea Party Obama, Hitler, Lennin poster from Care2

Posted on July 16, 2010 at 4:03 AM Comments comments (2)

From the outside looking in  I became worried about the state of affairs in America when Bush got a second term not when the "Tea Party" arrived, in my opinion history will show Obama's key blunder as President was to not hold the hands of those responsible for the destruction of America's economy after Bill Clinton had balanced the books and the erosion of America's security with bravado rhetoric, bully tactics and preemptive strikes without a sound defensive strategy to back it up added to the fact they were oblivious to the nuances and culture of the region, like the fact that removing a Sunni government in Iraq would bring to prominence the Shia Iranian brotherhood, then would complain of Iranian interference which is like saying the people of New York shouldn't be concerned with the welfare of New Jersey. So if these people were held accountable the "Tea Party" wouldn't have so much time on their hands instead they would be busy preparing evidence for their heroes defense before "Contra" type hearings while the President is equally busy with Economic Recovery, Health Care Reform and Wall St. Reform. 


England's World Cup

Posted on June 28, 2010 at 7:27 AM Comments comments (0)

 Well I guess I got caught up in the 2010 World Cup campaign much more than the previous one I think maybe the historic event  being held for the first time on the African Continent had a lot to do with it, so with the absence of the Reggae Boyz I threw my allegiance behind England  based partly on the Fabio Capello new England model as I always previously  thought the media was too influential in the composition and tactics of the time and like most things in England it came with a hint of "institutional racism" e.g. whenever a foreign coach comes along no matter his credentials at the first bump in the road is nationality is brought into question, when the reality is if there was a qualified English coach succeeding on the world stage there wouldn't be a need for a foreign coach, also this thinking came to life with Steve McLaren and England never qualified to compete on the much easier European stage of competition. I am of the opinion that no matter who the coach there are certain "dyed-in-wool" tendencies that are not about to change anytime soon, from current policies a 17 year-old Pele would not have made it in today's England squad if he were English as they seem to have a extreme nervousness of youth and especially black youth, could someone explain how could Joe Hart be the most in form keeper coming into the World Cup and not be number 1 or 2, David James did a fair job under the circumstances but he wasn't the future, I would think when you want to change results of the past you would embrace the future, now was it Capello's decision alone to leave Theo Walcott, if it was this is his biggest World Cup error as Theo like his team mate Van Persie were working back to fitness after injury, closer to full fitness than Aaron Lennon was, added to the fact he was instrumental in securing qualification as his style of play in the least disrupts defenders, which makes me think his style is a combination of Wright-Phillips and Lennon, again where English forwards are concerned he is the future. Now the subject of English defending, I was fortunate enough to have been b old enough to remember when England won in '66, I even nicked the  Sport's Illustrated technicolor picture for my scrapbook from my school library, see this was important to us as teenagers as we played for  our high school Junior team  in the Colts Competition in Jamaica and my favourite defender from '66 was Nobby Stiles unsung hero, heard he was ill recently wishing him all the best, but Nobby was the most tenacious of defenders, when he starts tackling you need a stick to get him off you and that's what these modern day defenders are lacking, they cant stick to the task with the same dedication for their country for pride as they do for their clubs for money, Gerrard was up for it against USA but the second he decided to give up to Clint Dempsey he scored one of the lamest goals which surprised Robert Green who might have been expecting a tackle before the shot. Against Germany apart from Ashley Cole most of the defense became escorts all through the game they would escort Germans to David James no tackling no closing down while German defense lived in Defoe's jersey and wouldn't allow Rooney to even sort his feet out, incidentally majority of the German team are recent graduates of the youth team.

         Now the sports media, at the price of selling publications they will manipulte whatever to stir contraversy I don't think they really care if England wins another World Cup as the non-winning drama is more marketable similar to what he hear about  setting one up to fail and profiting from their failure, let me explain, for some reason it was determined that England's chances for World Cup glory did not rest with the team but with Wayne Rooney and the rest of the team was required to spread the table and make sure all things were favourable for Rooney, not even in Pele's heyday have heard anything like this but hold on after forming the group Wayne Rooney and The England Team said sports tabloid journalists  leading up to the start of this important competition starts a debate of how succeptible Rooney is to being sent off  by a red card, not the best suited tactics they should apply, go figure, then every coaching inclusion or exclusion needs their approval or they campaign ardently to have their point of view vindicated even to the detriment of the nation e.g. they could create team unrest before even the team knows about the unrest as they need it to be Capello's fault so the coaching "musical chairs" can continue and they have fodder for their tabloid columns not sports columns, some older players go along with this, setting up the coach to be in the good grace of the media, it's clear to see the no-pay policy of international competition compared to the club salaries, it's not the coach's fault that players cant put pride in country over club salary. Let address the facts of the Rooney All Stars, now Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest football minds of the modern game, he made the finished article that is Wayne Rooney but if he felt the way the media did he wouldn't have gone out and got Berbatov, Wayne is a good player and he also is England's future but to ask him to single handedly win a World Cup with bit-part contribution from his teamates  as the sports tabloid started the campaign is bordering on the ridiculous, the two recent World  footballers of the year had a hard time scoring in the recent World Cup yet Messi kept peppering the goalkeepers while Ronaldo settled to set up his teamates and both teams are progressing as a team, when the England reality is Rooney hasn't scored an international goal in quite some time and Peter Crouch is our highest international goal scorer again the stistical fact suffers under the tabloid, so Heskey does what he is supposed to against the USA but Rooney having a bad game does not allow Heskey to partner Defoe or Crouch as the media would campaign for the firing of Capello for not waiting on Rooney to show up, Defoe turned out to be the only forward that scored in the World Cup yet when Rooney again didn't show up against Germany the familiarity of a Crouch Defoe partnership was overlooked for Heskey Rooney still holding on to the media Rooney supporting cast philosophy, lost for direction in South Africa the media the decides to anoint Joe Cole as the new saviour, Capello went along with it with no result, then the guys that spawned the idea calls for his firing for basically listening to them throughout the World Cup.

High -Tech Lynching

Posted on January 26, 2010 at 1:44 PM Comments comments (1)

OK let me see if I get this, the President of the United States put some bankers he loaned some money on notice that he is not playing,especially bearing in mind the money he loaned them is not his, fair enough, I am familiar with similar situations all through my life in Jamaica, not exactly that humongous size of money but the occasional "partner draw", to be honest I wasn't a fan of handing them those billions in the first place, one knowing of the numerous record businesses that were allowed to fail on the back of illegal downloads and file-sharing, but most importantly as a child of slaves standing inline still hoping to collect my ancestors salary I am thinking which plantation did these guys work on, how many of them were crammed together and dead carcasses were discarded as business loss, then those who made it would be worked(slaved) to death to be replaced by their children to repeat the cycle under serious lashes,rape and other inhumane activities, so to have these guys again skip the line and pickup these billions was kind of hard for me to take as I had waited so long my expectations had peaked at  millions, so talk about "adding insult to injury" when  I heard the media cronies of the financial establishment starting to report how "Wall St. was down" mainly based on the President's statement so let's tick a few boxes, firstly if  Wall St. is up, down or sideways it does not impact on how I feed my children for that day, you see our family name unfortunately isn't Madoff,  then the main ingredient of Economics is not Wall St., it's "supply and demand", wherever goods and services are in demand someone seizes the economic advantage to supply and vice versa, this started with the barter system way back in time before being replaced by shells as currency till we got to money as we know it and whatever Wall St. does,so to hear the furor over the President calling in some funds that was in his stewardship I'm thinking wow it's right up there with the 100 or so thousand that died in the Haiti earthquake as one of the worst events of 2010, or at least that's the way some in the media would have us think, then it dawned on me is it possible that the corporate establishment is attempting to hold the President of the United States of America  hostage whenever he goes against their wishes, o.k. let's not jump to conclusions let's tick a few more boxes, the President calls a potentially institutionally racist  cop stupid for not peacefully being able to figure out a black professor was trying to force his way into his own house, like "stand right here and don'tmove, now name me 15 items in the house" hey I've never been a cop but if I come into the situation with an open mind it's a non-starter especially being an elder unarmed gentleman, anyway the Commander in Chief of the Army, Air-force and Navy was called to task by a clan of state cops through the similar media cronies, get on TV and start acting like they getting ready to stop fighting crime and let prisoners go if they don't get an apology, I know a little about New York cops, they got a few bad apples but the good ones are what we call "New York'sFinest", now this guy would be the laughing stock for weeks  around the precinct for roughing up a guy going into his own house, cause New York cops pride themselves on being in the know, then came the health care debacle short of Michael Moore getting bigger boats to take sick US citizens to Cuba  I just don't get it, till I heard that big money was being spent to thwart  something for the greater good so as to benefit the usual suspects financially, so now I guess it's the bankers turn at the dart board so I would just like to point out a few things on behalf of the common man, our existence here on earth was not intended as the"Club Med" for rich people as a matter of fact  the human race as aspecie has no guarantee of a permanent existence, there is no sign the earth would disintegrate because of the absence of humans, so floods,earthquakes and hurricanes  are ways the earth replenishes itself, lives are lost  while immediately others are being born, seeds are washed from fertile locations to once arid location providing a new harvest in a new area and no matter how many bonuses no one is privy to the "Master plan" so to the bankers who are threatening the crash of Wall St  if they "pack up their toys and leave the playground" I say this who knows may be time for some fresh faces, fresh more human-friendly  ideas, which were the same type of people that launched the Obama juggernaut in the first place so banks could return to being a convenient place to keep money, but my bible did tell me "camels gonna be going back and forth through needle's eyes"  before one ofthese money-loving #&%* could enter Zion,hey but I have a few suggestions for the President, the President need to get someone to keep calling the responsible parties at nights and on weekends, even Sunday mornings, keep threatening to ruin their lives,one lady was forced to suicide after similar calls from banks, then there is the one where you collect a financial penalty every five days and if this cause the figure to increase past the original amount he could charge another financial penalty for going over the limit, the President is on to something here when the dust settles he might be offsetting the deficit, but after the whole exercise I found myself thankful to Judge Clarence Thomas as he was the black man that made me aware of the term "High- Tech Lynching" .



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Happy 2010, having to celebrate New Years Day and my birthday on Jan. 1 all my life I have become an expert at recovery time  for hangovers etc. so I kind of rebounded this morning and "somebody told me to deliver this message" said I should "pass it on to you" so like I said we are gonna hit the ground running. Now not too long ago it was with great pride I saw the entertainment industry get behind a campaign to"Make Poverty History" I thought "what a meaningful cause  now everyone is going to roll up their sleeves and pitch in however they can",suddenly we realize we are in dire economic straits globally not from going too far to make poverty history but from the Lahys, Madoffs and the obscene bonus culture of our time, having worked as a bank clerk I remember the days when a banks survival was dependent on it's management  being able to spot a winner to invest in, in the form of bank loans e.g. a guy in Jamaica decides to start making "Jerk Sauce", his bank sees the potential, invest in this guy, Jerk Sauce is a big hit,the bank is now like a partner to this guy supplying him with advice and funds to expand and the profit is then parlayed into a lady who is starting up a poultry farm, this sequence is repeated over and over soon the bank is able to open a few more branches where another guy shows up with an idea for a annual Reggae Festival decides to call it"Reggae Sunsplash" the bank is behind it and the rest is history, the point is banks survival was based on the success of it's customers,suddenly the movie "Wall St" arrives and Michael Douglas declares"greed is good" and suddenly grown men turn into "modern day highwaymen", there is a case in the UK where a chief executive gutted the finances of Royal Bank of Scotland where they had to be bailed out by the government and this guy was kicking and screaming  to hold on to his £750,000+ bonus even when asked to reconsider by the said government, is it just me or wouldn't £750,000 go a long way to "MakePoverty History", when these people were born was there a voice that came from the heavens saying "this is my beloved son he is entitled to a bonus" or are these bonuses birthright, as I had previously thought this was consistent with success but in this case success had nothing to do with it, so my take is  these bonuses are given to people who devise ingenious ways to rob us, picture this scenario a guy working for a credit card company comes up with the idea if a customer is late to make a payment, by sometime hours instead of denying them access to the card or some other card related penalty lets charge them a fine similar to the courts, we'll call it a fee but different from schoo fee we determine when and how often it's applied, then another Michael Douglas wannabe  comes up with the idea that with the right combination of fees(fines) and a sizable interest rate  we could collect additional fines on the "trifector" and call it over the limit charges all these when combined provides a buffer to prevent the customer from depreciating the original debt, with all these shenanigans in place this exercise over a period of years  are known to reap 100% profit, I have known instances where a  card  with a £2,500 credit limit meaning that's the maximum made available by the card company yet over years and deposits to the tune of £3,400 the card company is still owed agrand total of £3,100, that boys and girls is how bonuses are made, all those math classes I went to for nothing, I also feel for the  Al Capones of the world that used the be hounded for "loan sharking" when todays loan shark threaten to take you to court, it was real eye-opener when I discovered that Muslim Sharia banks dont charge interest meaning its not a necessity for financial survival cause none of their banks received bailout money so they seem to have weathered the financial storm o.k. So my suggestion is to freeze bonuses for the next five years  and money earmarked in big financial organizations for bonuses should go directly to the "Make Poverty History" fund, I am evidence they wont die as I have lived  bonus-free all my life till my birthday this morning and I am aware of single mothers juggling bonus-less also so they'll do o.k Finally whenever the subject of Reparations for Slavery  comes up it's constantly pushed to the side  but my great,great,great-grandparents farmed, cooked, cleaned, child-cared,blacksmith-ed,carpentered and bore children but all these occupation were put under the heading of slavery and we are yet to see the firstpaycheck for building the New World so I know a bonus is out of the question, so contrary to "Wall St" greed is evil.

Barack Obama a act of God

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Firstly I must congratulate  Black America in particular and America in general for this milestone achievement, many a brick has been placed by blacks before some literally to make it possible for a black man to reside in the White House, blacks have been invited from close to the time of the founders but unfortunately bigotry, prejudice, racism and a few extra grand dragon made it appear  a impossibility in the 21st century. Now why act of God, similar to the way  Joseph regularly dreamt of things that would shape his faith in God in preparation to being Governor of Egypt in a  time of bitter famine similarly  Barack has been prepared from birth for the task at hand down to his genes, politically this was a juggernaut coming out of left field  that would defy mortal thinking political wisdom, the mortal is me who thought  under the present climate Mrs. Hillary Clinton with her husband's previously  successful administration would have a experienced team ready to go on day one, but then what we had, yes the Clinton experienced team but with Barack Obama at the head, why  because just like when the President - to - be was painting the day before the Inauguration God was painting over America's image with one master-stroke, no amount of foreign diplomacy could achieve as no other traditionally white governed country in the world as ever turned over the reigns to a black man so with that in mind many of who were pointing the finger last week this week in the words of Richard Pryor "had to shut the f.... up" as a lot of them are yet to achieve a black related milestone even close, to be frank some even have police forces with special units for supposed "black crime" sending the message that blacks as a race are prone to crime not the different nationalities of Mafia  or  Triads or numerous extremist but mostly those Obama - like black kids they are the ones you need to keep in check. The founding fathers of the USA invoked God in most  of their edicts  "The Constitution" and the "Bill of Rights" President Obama seems bent on  returning to the original intent, so when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said " I  may not get there with you but as a people you'll get to the promised land" its not a new land  its just the state of the land the way God promised, so like 15 round heavyweight boxer he been sticking and moving in keeping his promise first Martin needed to get black people a right to vote then he needed Jesse to "run Jesse run" so he could test out the possibilities,the mantra then was "I am somebody" then to further soften up the opponent he introduced Bill Clinton which was the closest you could get to black without actually being black and he in turn unleashed a number of blacks in high - end posts that further dispelled numerous myths, then he bided his time leaving the "alternative option" looking all-powerful and mighty, then going for the knockout he went with Barack from a black  father  and white mother as we are preparing to Unite these States, a lot of killing and shooting was going on leading up to the appointed time but when the hour was come all guns went silent and killing ceased, Rev. Lawry recited a re-working of  some lines that used to remind us of our place in society  but the new version had a young white woman ecstatic at the unified prospects of the USA, you see for years people say "God Bless America" some just as lip service but when said by the right people  often God do bless  America and if President Obama continues that affinity with him he will be able to bring God's wishes to pass through his administration a political "dream team" if I ever seen  one, so may God continue to bless America that it may return to the beacon of hope and milestones it once was  our 'Ol Uncle Sam.