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It's All Becoming Clearer Now

Posted on February 25, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    I find myself so often nowadays referring to Malcolm X's phrase of "the chickens coming home to roost". Seems our generation has been chosen to see the revelation of all these important sayings and prophecies  of those patriarchs that went before us. First it is now apparent that all the wealth accumulated from the slave trade that help to bring the European nations that participated economical prominence has either been mismanaged or squandered, as today all are crying for financial woes even though they hadn't  remunerated the children of slaves for the work their fore-parents had done. As a matter of fact they find it easier remunerating the bank execs that were given the money for safe-keeping, who said "everyone should be paid according to their work", oh that was the bible and their usual answer would be "that  was in that time" as the guidance provided by the bible has been so manipulated that the few truths that are still left in now has expiry dates, after a certain length of time it is no longer significant.

           All along I felt bonuses were garnered when top bankers devised ways to "con" their customers e.g. with illegal charges from absurd penalties and the cash intake from that directed to the genius/con-man that first came up with the plan in the form of bonuses. Recently one guy took over a so-called 40% owned by the tax-payer bank and promptly laid off 122,000 staff  obviously  we now have a 122,000 annual salary surplus, when translated this becomes bonus for the guy  that pulled this caper. Then one of these "three-card men" came up with an idea of selling customers Payment Protection Insurance, on the face it should come in handy if you run on hard times it should kick in the cover your payments of illegal charges and obcene interests till you are able to take up the slack, only problem is your claim can only be entertained if you become bankrupt or file for divorce, which I dont think many people would trade for someone paying two or three payments on your due date for you. So in otherwords this was a insurance that could not be claimed on. Unfortunately there were no regulators to "nip it in the bud" till after billions were made in the scam. Again the guy that invented this scam is now deserving of a bonus, or should I say entitled as it has proved almost impossible to undo after it is earmarked, unless as a face-saving measure one should voluntarily refuse it. It is so written in stone that even the UK Prime Minister  comes out in defence of the bonus recipients. Hold on one minute was that the same PM that froze public sector workers legal salary for the past three years, seriously requires a cap on benefits for the less privileged, tries to set people in jobs at odds with people on benefits, chiselling away at the pensions of  teachers, doctors and indian chief, the dust hadn't settled from the riots last August before the decision was made to start evicting, again the less privileged from their council homes even while some who suffered damages to their businesses are still awaiting compensation.A mass of youth were promptly sentenced from a bunch of still photos possibly from Facebook and information gathered, while the incident that triggered the riots doesn't even have a clear story as to what exactly happened, talking about priorities. When I read about these type of things in my history class in high school the word tyranny is usually not far away

            Then it happened one bank decided they were so deep in PPI compensation that they fired the guys that devised the plan, another bank decided to have portions of bonuses returned. Now we have a saying in Jamaica "if you throw a stone in a pig pen the one that squeals is the one that got hit", so to ask for bonuses to be returned on the strength  of  the PPI compensation means that's where the bonus came from in the first place. I was amazed to see one guy on TV  doing his best verbal gymnastics explaining the hardships and hard work they faced having to take on this monumental task of having to refund the people they defrauded. We not done yet remember that same tax-payer part-owned bank we mentioned earlier well they suffered a £2 billion  loss last year, the PM and his cronies needn't worry though as the "poor things" managed to salvage £ 785,000 bonus to appease their financial addiction. Like I said these things are written in stone, the only problem I had was the fact my high school math teacher Mrs. Nurse and my accounts teacher Mr. Mason would not let me hear the end of it if I  didn't notice that if they made £2 billion loss obviously they actually made £1 billion loss and still determined to have their compulsory bonus which they added to the loss and rounded off to £2 billion. Thank God for good teachers.

             Talking about school, the passing of Whitney Houston gave us a reminder that "the children are our future" but for some reason there has been an onslaught on our future. The black children are criminalised at the drop of a hat, there is a special police unit supposedly to deal with "black on black" gun crime but I have never heard a success story of this unit having a positive effect on some youth that they turned around from gun or gang influence, or some program they started where black youth had a progressive alternative to following gang life. Instead they are regularly humiliated and falsely accused with a single aim in mind to have as much of them in society with criminal records, which in turn thwarts their career advancement as only dead-end jobs are available with a criminal record. Ironically this practice  affects the wider economy of the country as there is no way to compete with China, India, Brazil and the rest of emerging economies with a large portion of your potential workforce with criminal records. Then to add insult to injury the ones that managed  to evade the criminal justice system are faced  with a hike in university tuition fees, making higher education almost unreachable for  those from lower income families. Then their £30 EMA allowance that used to be an incentive for staying in school towards higher education and providing assistance to students for their school related expenses, was uncermoniously taken away. Wait they weren't done yet with our future, they devised this so-called voluntary work experience, though some students claim it's mandatory under the threat of having benefits taken away. Not since slavery have such a scheme to acquire free-labor been devised, even companies who would benefit from the scheme has rejected it. These student are expected to do the work paid workers do but for no pay. Now I grew up and went to high school  in what is called a Third World country in the '60s. At 16 years-old I got my first "holiday job" at the General Post Office, there was a level of work we were allowed to do, less than the permanent workers but apart from that we were "paid according to our work" including overtime, especially at Christmas holidays. Today in 21st century Britain my son goes to work in a reputable bank as work experience, he needs proper attire, remember this is a bank he has to be presentable and he also needs travel expense to and from work experience but he cannot be afforded a penny from the beneficiaries of his work  and whatever profit is derived goes towards the top execs bonus pot. Now having children experience work without experiencing pay as it should be is counter-productive, very soon other countries will start complaining about British workers undermining their labor force by accepting less pay than them for the same amount of work as any pay will be a step up for the "work experienced British" whose pay started  from nothing. In my case my work experience taught me the responsibility of holding down my holiday job for every recurring holiday till I left high school and because of the experience I was so driven after high school to get a permanent job that it took me three months to land a job at Barclays Bank at age 18 years-old.That's the incentive that comes from real work experience for the real world,with real pay. The government's way sounds like "slavery by stealth" to me, talk about "child labor".Seems for the future of the country we'll have the "big society" and the servants of the "big society".

                The conviction of two guys for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence had institutional racism back on the front burner, every channell during that period had their say. The 19 year-old McPherson's Report  was again gaining attention, but the silence of the government on the subject was deafening. Diane Abbot tweeted some opinion she had and it started a fire-storm,  but on McPherson complete silence, even though at this point institutional racism had spread from the Met to the media where newspapers pays police to manipulate cases and potentially exaggerate crimes by certain races over others,while trivialising crimes against one sector and sensationalise crimes against another, the transport system that certain races have to bow to access the service while having a pre-paid card for said service and "the lady on the tram". Still government silence, but hold on some footballers did some racist name calling, look here comes the PM with the cavalry, we need to convene a summit on racism, get a good camera shot of John Barnes this is football we dealing with apart from the gate receipt there is TV revenue at stake here, you realise how much MONEY we could potentially lose if this permeates the league. To prove how off-message we are lets throw homophobia in there too, what started it again, oh yes racist remarks by some footballers. Again my condolences to the Lawrence family on the loss of their son and anyone else that lost a loved one through racism........Peace


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