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Black Supporters Wanted

Posted on May 23, 2012 at 1:30 PM

     I am becoming a bit worried as I am convinced there are black people among us who would buy slaves, and I am not talking about white slaves as some sort of payback, but black slaves often times from the same country of origin.I am scared to even accept advice from some of my own for fear of me owing them my life. Bob Marley said in the song "Revelation" "never make a politician grant you a favor, for they will always want to, control you for ever" now it seems our people has basically become politician or some kind of trader, watching a kinfolk make it to the top has become a harrowing experience. Others identify this among us and regularly pit us agaist each other with the most trivial of baits, the the old "divide and rule" kicks in. It has now become almost impossible for some black people to support other black people without immediate returns in sight. In the case of the black pop star that they support because everyone else is e.g. a Michael Jackson the tendency is to latch on to the first negative that comes along to quickly terminate that support. It's like most have over-dosed on "Willy Lynch Syndrome", I've seen married couples being caught up in the trend and the "for better or worse, for richer or poorer" goes out the window to be replaced by "who has more money this month" where support in todays black marriage is heavily financial based on the immediate. Gone are the days of they loved each other so much that  she did low-paying jobs to help him through Medical School, now he has a Degree in Medicine and the future is looking bright for them and their children. Instead the black millenium couple is tabulating who paid for what and somebody is living off somebody. Then on the black female side there is that friend who is usually single, to point out the frailties of supporting your husband even just till he is paid. The that's where the "black on black slavery" begins  as some black women see these periods as periods of empowerment over her husband and as such try to prolong them, as if it's some kind of turn-on to be "the man of the house" by sabotaging his undertakings to create that "massa" and servant atmosphere usually to impress the single girlfriends.Soon it's no longer a case of love and trust but instead it's now ownership and searching the phone.

     It's not only in the relationship context these rules apply, I have collaborated with many people for their benefit and when it's done there is not even credit or reward but the satisfaction comes from both you and that person knowing you had assisted them from point A to point B even though some egoes wont allow them to admit it reality does slap you in the face every now and then.There is this thinking amongst black males, paranoia even, "that he is going to make it before me" so like we said earlier we will grudginly support the black pop star or superstar, especially if he is already supported by a female love interest, but to actually support a potential star just starting out, well it's got to be a case of I also run a record store so it's a financial investment or I promote shows so I love Reggae artistes. Yet lets take Rock music, as often as a new white guy comes along he's got his white supporters and he doesn't have to be Metallica. We are not saying to support garbage in order for blacks to support blacks but for some reason we hold each other to such high ideals for our simple support when it should be second nature as not in every instants support involves the spending of money at times it's simply "word of mouth". All I'm saying is all the designer names that don't look like us that we have financed for most our lives its time we started taking stock in - house ....... Peace

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