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Democracy Turned on it's Head and other Injustices

Posted on September 18, 2014 at 6:10 AM

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  12 Sept. 2014




Well civilization has gotten to a point where it is kind of overwhelming to keep a constant update on the new things that men do.We will still try to give it a shot, in Syria we have a three year killing that I stopped countingafter 160,000 as it tends to boggle the mind, especially as a football fan where 60,000 attendance is a fair enough figure to fill some stadiums. Putin found George Bush as a weak link, so while he was hanging out at Camp David and Bush calling him "Puti-poot" and "a real stand-up guy" he was devising the resurgence of the Soviet Union while the West was distracted preoccupied with Financial shenanigans so it's gonna take them some time to shift from finances to security mode. If I hear another new report starting with "Russia has denied" I might go on hunger strike. Then over in Egypt we have an elected government sabotaged with public services, then a protest is organised and the military steps in to overthrow the government after one year into their term, brand them terrorists and set about issuing death sentences like they were going out of style, these guys were so over the edge they arrested a group of girl students and slapped 14 yearssentences on them before they came back to earth and freed them. But then arrested some Al Jazeera journalist for aiding the former government and laid 7 years and 10 years sentences on them. I think an important opportunity was missed to as they say "win hearts and minds" when the killings of women and children in Syria caused so much complications to assist those being bombed daily, now a more ruthless player has stepped in the breach who are not exactly waiting around forweapons to be used against the US as the great fear was, and realistically arming these people in the outset would cause them to ignore Assad and head for America with their shiny American weapons, who came up with this idea, ironically all along these guys could have gotten American weapons from the Iraqi soldiers, so there goes that idea. Everyone turned a blind eye to Malaki running a Shia government and the over used tag of terrorists was applied to the mainstream Sunni politicians, still no one batted an eye. Gaza is as you were since no one seems to be able to see anything wrong with the living standards of the Palestinians and killing 500+ children is something todays soldiers do Patton, Montgomery and Rommel must be turning in their graves.

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