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2015 Promises to be the Ultimate

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 3:45 PM

             Here we are again trying to keep abreast of world affairs, though changing rapidly with phones that are smarter than people, hey they can tell where you are even when you don't know where you are. Apart from phones gadjetry is going through the roof with robots, drones and so much more. Unfortunately humans haven't made too much advances in learning how to co-habit the earth, we seem to have a spike in human elimination across the globe, so much so it has gotten too numerous to tabulate lest I miss a few. As the "war on terror" been going on for some time now so the actions and reactions are kind of expected, bearing in mind the disclosures of torture of prisoners by the US also kind of help to explain why beheadings has to take place in "orange" garb. So basically everyone we have been fighting in the "war on terror" are still around and instead guys with new names has now joined the fray. Now the great irony of this situation is based on political reasons "boots on the ground" is not allowed anymore so this part of the war is done by proxy who can't be trusted to get the right type of weaponry so there we are. But wait, while this is going on we have police departments in the US who concentrate on killing black people for whatever reason they can put together, from "resisting arrest" which can be not immediately responding to a verbal command, not exactly punching a cop, then there is the usual black youth attempting to disarm a police officer, usually with numerous colleagues in close proximity. Then again watching a police wannabe kill an unarmed black teenager who sees him with a gun and while shouting for help develops super-human strength  to the point where the vigilante feared for his life and had to take the teenager's, making him not liable even though an emergency dispatcher instructed him to stay in his car, just a suggestion I guess. Then there is the loose cigarette seller in New York who resisted arrest so much he somehow couldn't breathe and died as none of the about five police officer who interacted with him were responsible. This one takes the cake a mentally challenged  black guy is facing about five cops standing in firing-squad formation, he might have had a knife but the distance between him and the cops he would have to be a master knife- thrower to harm the cops, yet a cop must have said "lay on the ground" and he stood up and the the cops opened up a barrage of shots in typical firing squad style, gone are the days of leg shots or any other disabling technique, today it's straight for the kill, and any resulting public protest is met with military style onslought. Which brings me back to the original "war on terror" "boots on the ground" issue, if anyone was rearing to kill some people it would be these cops and unarmed civilians is not in their league these guys need to go nose to nose with some real threats for a change, they can just say they got chosen by their brilliant performance on TV it was evident they  were rearing for some real action.

                  Putting that aside it appears the Civil Rights Movement of the '60s has to dust off and re-activated as things are right back where the Movement started . The good thing is more white people are now standing up against these inhumane injustices so the ignorant and their ignorance are much more identifiable in society so in 2015 it would be good to see the gradual extinction of that breed. Hopefully 2015 wont be such a bloody year especially for children, once upon a time based on their neutrality and innocence that used to be the exception, apparently today it doesn't have the same impact, not even in accountability. I am seriously expecting some divine intervention as it seems most have drunken from the poisoned chalice..............Peace&Love

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