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Jusic International Update

Posted on August 3, 2011 at 8:31 AM

Hi all, with all the recent cuts I guess we have to cut down on our communications as a cost cutting measure, just joking but that line is trendy now, you can get away with most dishonesty you never got away with before as long as you remember  to say "it will save us billions", kinda famine before the feast analogy. By the time the feast is supposed to come around there will be a new analogy and with the short attention span of the populace who will remember.

        Then we come to find out that not only black people and so called agitators were having their phones and other communications hacked into, but the practice has been extended to crime victims and others in an attempt to corner the major share of newspaper sales. Hey there was also a crime-making affiliation where newspapers and police would collude in which crimes created the biggest sensation hence driving newspaper sales. Again in the black community some of us been privy to this link especially with the black on black Trident squad of whom the media is "the wind beneath their wings", I am yet to hear of a black youth who is willing to say after getting involved with Trident he has turned his life around, to the contrary Trident is designed to ruin young black lives, I guess less competition in the workforce plain and simple. Collect information from a jealous baby-mother, use it to ruin the life of the baby-father, from the broken home we then gradually ease the children into Social care and the cycle is repeated black household after black household. These guys are so black on black focused that for 20 plus years the white on black killers of Stephen Lawrence has been walking free when everyone and their cousin knew who they were except the police.

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