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Posted on October 13, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    First we would like to welcome our new members and greetings to our long term regulars. Busy time now as people power is on the move, for some time now I been wondering how smug these western governments were during the "Arab Spring" as they call it, again as if "that can happen there but is impossible here" attitude as if people in the Middle East  was in some kind of globally seperated bubble. Their arrogance shows they not too familiar with the bible story of Joshua and the wall of Jericho, yep as far back as that people power been shaking up things. It's time banks returned to places where we save our money period nothing more nothing less. No more buying politicians with campaign lump sums, no more politicians turning a blind eye to obcene bonuses earmarked for future campaign coffers, no more financial institutions influencing policy, especially as they weren't elected. In the bible I read the prophet Isiah commanded the sun to stand still in order to extend the time, well I got news for you, banks have been doing the reverse every day. Let me explain, how many people are aware that the end of the bank's day is not 12 midnight instead it's 3:30pm, so if it's Tuesday after 3:30pm it's now Wednesday in banking language, so if you have a bill to pay by Tuesday get there before 3:30 or you are facing some late fees. This is even worst if it's a weekend, past 3:30 on Friday can land you in Monday the following week. Then there is this con about the cheque you deposit taking five working days to clear, that's another "three card monty", I did Commerce in High School that covered banking, we learnt about the "Clearing House" which was an overnight process where  all the different banks would gather e.g. RBS, Barclays etc. so if I a Barclays customer lodged a RBS cheque it would be cleared overnight and my cash is in my Barclays account in the morning, even in the '70s it was close to that time frame. Now we have fax machine, online transactions completed after a mouse click , yet the richest guys with the biggest bonuses can't move a cheque, sometimes from their own branches in less than five days, in the past we would say the "slow boat from China" but not even China is slow anymore. My opinion is over the five day period our money is invested and sometimes played on the stockmarket before we the owners are allowed access to it. There are a myriad of shenanigans these guys deploy in their "them against us world". What amaze me the most is while the cutting and belt-tightening these guys are all seeing business as usual.

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