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 Hi all thought I'd drop a quick 2011 sign off with a 2012 introduction for the road ahead. First I would like to thank everyone for their support in whatever way you have for the past we've been rolling together. Unfortunately with the sinister ways man has discovered to utilise the virtual world, way beyond just connecting, interacting and staying in touch. Some have determined there are more devious and hateful deeds to fulfill, so we have hackers and "sleeper cell" types that pass themselves off as site members. So I have noticed members with fictitious and sequenced e-mail addresses with not much else to identify who exactly is among us lurking in the shadows of anonimity. So I would like to advise all genuine Reggae loving, Rasta minded, Jamaican supportive members to ensure they complete the id process as we will be deleting those we identfy as wanting to work undercover as we are well aware of the levels of "man's inhumanity to man" that can be attained.By now it should be clear our endeavours are towards Godliness with no apologies and to be honest we have no axe to grind with those that are satanic in their endeavours, as in our Godliness God said to leave all judgement to him so it's out of my hands.

   So all in all I want to wish you all Peace, Love, Health and God's Blessings for you and yours throughout 2012 and beyond.


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