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Junia Walker  of the "Black Equinox Disco", Joint International and Jusic International Label and Publishing

Taken at photo studio at 145 King Street next door to my  home at 147 King St. catch up on the complete Jusic history from the Paperback and E-book Junia Reggae : The Journey from King St. Available @ CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/3918989

  Reggae   Singer/Composer/Producer  Junia Walker born at 147 King St. Kingston   started   school across the street   at    3years-old   at Forester's   Hall,  North St.    Kingston   that   doubled  as  a  dancehall  for clashes   between   SirCoxsone's  Downbeat  and  Duke  Reid  The  Ruler.  Attended    Camperdown   High    School   became  close   friends   with      fellow-schoolmate  and  Olympic  and   Commonwealth sprint gold medalist Donald Quarrie and his brother Edward which enabled me to become the Assistant Coach of the track team which resulted in us coming second in The Boy's Champs in 1971 highest position to date. "After High School I did 3yrs. with Barclays Bank where I launched Black Equinox Disco playing mainly at bank parties, being born downtown I became very close to artists in the Reggae business who I interacted with while purchasing new releases for my sound system these included Keith Hudson my mentor in music production and Bob  Marley and the Wailers (with whom we shared a business adress at 127 King
St. while working with Hudson), Big Youth and Leroy Smart.Keith migrated to the US in 1976 and I started an island wide sound system engagements mainly within the Rastafari communities the high point was the launching of a youth club in Rose Hall, Linstead teaching the youth things like bible studies,sewing, cooking literacy and football, we even had a St. Catherine Division 2 Football team Utopia which was also the name of the youth club, I played midfield against the likes of Black Lions at venues like Prison Oval. I joined Keith in 1979 to run Joint International at 176-11 Jamaica Ave. South Jamaica, Queens with the original VP further up the road. I would later start my own label Jusic International  in 1979 and had my first solo live studio session in 1980 at Harry J's Studio with musicians "Easy snappin" Beckford, Keith Sterling, Eric "Fish" Clarke,"Professor" Larry Silvera and Earl "Chinna" Smith. In 1984 I would register Jusic  International in New York with the support and encouragement of Sarah Rios my then manager, months later Keith Hudson died and I spent the next year re-building our Joint International label as Jusic Joint on behalf of his wife and family". Jusic became involved in booking Reggae acts for shows statewide, artistes like Tenor Saw, Sister Carol, Joe Higgs, Horace Andy, Supercat, Frankie Paul, John Holt, Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis and a Dennis Brown date in Wolverhampton, UK, "apart from myself we have productions with Jah Stitch, Woodie Noble, Jah Brimstone, John Steele, Devon Russell,Frankie Paul,Lady Junie, Bugzi Legend, Monopolist among others and  recently Rapper  E-Own in the Hip-Hop genre and is still in the business of releasing quality Roots, Rock Reggae and Dubs".
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D.J John Steele : Out of the stable of Lone Ranger John Steele was discovered by Jusic in the dancehall of Hassock Lawn, Gold St. on Kenyatta Hi Fi. A model DJ of Roots and Culture and Conciousness which is evident on tracks like "Walker John" on 10" vinyl JI048 which was first released in 1986 on 12"vinyl and is now also available in digital download "More seller than buyer", "Dance Afire" and "Yumamushasha" on CD "Get Your Mind Right" JI052. In 2009  Jusic released the album "Walker John"  compiled from a string of recordings done in Jamaica by Jusic with John Steele but of which the master tapes suffered the "lost luggage" fate and was reproduced  with modern day technology to be released digitally by iTunes, eMusic and other digital retailers,  as one of his lyrics states"you never live long enough fe' hear me talk vulgar" no Parental Advisory  needed here.




Junia Walker   Singer / Composer / Music Producer

Junia Walker started in the Reggae music business as a sound system operator/selector of the Black Equinox Disco before moving to record production and composition with the late Keith Hudson in Joint International after which he started his own label Jusic International which was the example set by the neighbourhood icons The Wailers. Within a year he started his singing career specialising in his own compositions and covers of old favorite R&B from his sound system days in so doing he has acquired a fairly extensive catalogue of internationally promoted tracks with a few compositions along the way for other artistes like Keith Hudson, Frankie Paul and Denzil Dennis.Junia acredits King Tubby for being a major influence in his singing career "as firstly he took me serious" and secondly while voicing a track one day he said "youth you have a million-dollar voice you just have to learn how to use it" after that no other opinion could discourage Junia. Regarding himself as a recording artiste Junia shuns the pop star lifestyle of many a ego maniac and prefers to use his recordings to share verses of scripture and important messages as his name represents a continuation to Marcus Garvey's UNIA which now reads Jah Universal Negro Improvement Association born at King St. in the mid '50s the UNIA's Liberty Hall was a few steps from his gate and has fate had it he would be walking through his old neighbourhood as a pre-teen and noticed a record shop had newly been set up and went inside to buy a record for .75 cents from a dread in dashiki and dark glasses whose name I would later learn was Peter Tosh and this was Tuff Gong Record Store home of The Wailers the rest as they say is Reggaematic History which will be told in the book "Junia Reggae : The Journey from King St."

Taken from www.myspace.com/juniawalker






The Original photograph from the "Catch a Fire" photo shoot, Bob's personal copy from his store at 127 King St. where we were fortunate to share the same business address. Memorable date Ethiopian Christmas Day Jan.7  1975 "when Bob, "Skill" Cole and I a draw the chalice and Bob disclosed his intention to have a studio where all talented ghetto youth could turn to instead of  having to always chase behind the foreign nationals, the monopolists of the day, he also told us the benefits of goat's milk and that he made a song about it. Groundation Celebration at Count Ossie in Rockfort later that day. Hail Rasta Nesta.



First known promotional photograph of the late Keith Hudson given to me in 1974. What started as financial assistance to a producer in order to get first cut tracks for my sound system turned into Reggae collaberation that spawned classics as Pick- A- Dub, Rasta Communication, One extreme to another, This natty alright, Nuh skin up, Desiree , Write me your resume, Brand Dub and Nuh Skin Up Dub, ironically I was the one that encouraged him to go down the "Dub" road and today he is highly regarded for his Dub productions. From Hudford Records at 127 King St. Kingston Jamaica to Joint International of 176-11 Jamaica Ave., Queens New York still relevant 30 years later courteousy of Greensleeves,Blood and Fire, Pressure Sounds and Sanctuary Record Companies.



 This photo was given to me in 1989 by the crown prince of Reggae himslf. We were both born in the same neighbourhood and shared a close frienship with a brethren named Shurland whose mom used to take care of Dennis when his mom was at work, Shurland would make sure I have all the latest Dennis Brown for my sound system. We travelled on the same flight from Jamaica to London early '89 , I would spend most Sundays at Ponders End at DEB's house which led to us doing a P.A. at Club Monaco in Wolverhampton. Memories too numerous to mention like Tropics, Kingston in '78, Sunsplash, Mo-Bay'88, Q Club NewYork '98, Ken Williams Club New Rochelle New Year '99 and all the rest of free shows . Jah Blessings DEB.







 One of the last photographs of the late Carl Bright a.k.a Tenor Saw whose "old time granny" came from down in the same country as my old time granny, Duanvale, Trelawny.From a show  arranged by Percy Chin of Chin Randy's/ Jah Life and myself  at Club Caribana,  Houston  and after returning to New York was lured back to Houston in my absence by some exploiters.A natural performer and good spirited youth. Now "who is gonna help me praise Jahovah".

                              JOE HIGGS

 It is with great honour I now pay tribute to one of Reggae's true icon, not one that made tons of money from the genre but one that taught the genre from the days of the legendary "Higgs and Wilson" through to harmonising a group of youths that was to become the world renown "Wailers" through to filling in for Bunny Wailer on early Wailer's tour dates and completing a reasonably successful solo career which led to him settling in Los Angeles. Our most memorable time was being called by Joe while I was living in Houston and told he was on tour in Colorado with Ras Tesfa and he needed me to take care of his income with the promoters, I flew to Colorado where we did shows in Denver, Boulder, Aspen and a little cowboy town named Tell-U-Ride, on this tour I first had the opportunity to meet my now close friend and keyboard player Sidney Mills now Steel Pulse band member. Joe returned the favor by returning to Houston with me and running a mini Texas tour doing Houston, San Antonio and two shows in Austin co-ordinated by Louis of "The Liberty Lunch" turns out our show must have been set to coincide with Willie Nelson's anual Fourth of July show so because of the size of our venue all night we had re-fills from Willie's big stadium show, thanks for the memories "Uncle Joe" and Jah continual blessings to his family, "The Stepping Razor" Jah bless.




                            Third  World             

  Worlers, another part of the Jusic extended Reggae family, this is due to the fact that bass player "Bassheart" or Richard Daley grew up with me in my early teens in the Swallowfield area of Kingston, I lived on Swallowfield Rd. and Richie lived down the road near Curphey Place, we even had one of those life and death moments in street gang life in the Cross Rd. area. When the band was formed in 1974 I was enlisted by their first manager Mr. Green to hook up a gig at Barclay's Bank Sport Club on Phoenix Ave as my sound system Black Equinox was practically the resident sound at the club, Mr. Green I must mention gave me my first lesson at promoting live events, we tore it up that night as the band was just as versatile as the sound system they played every style though at the time they only had one 7" single on the street "Sun wont shine" and no official lead singer, "Bunny Rugs" arrived later and fitted in so well vibes and everything, as I always tell him he is the best Reggae Singer in keys listen to "Try Jah Love" and you will understand what I am talking about not very often Stevie Wonder writes and produce for a Reggae artiste. Most fittingly we got together at Astoria in '99 while the band was doing the "Generation Now" tour and most memorable was the fact that my youngest son Junior Jr. being born in London was able to attend his first Reggae Concert and hang out backstage and in the tour bus with "Third World", he got a kick out of "Cat" playing a Dub on the cello, unfortunately for him a female took some pictures for us but decided not to contact us with the prints so I would just like to say Maximum respect to the "Third World Family" past and present the "Reggae Ambassadors" of "Roots with quality". Raspect





                         JOHN HOLT

  My favorite singer since High School, arguably Jamaica's best singer John Holt has been on the frontline of Reggae music since he was lead singer of the Paragons. In the 70's Keith Hudson took me to his house while we were working on "Rasta Communication"  as a matter of fact he helped to arrange the vocals for "Musicology" and gave Keith the line "keep you rocking". Memorable date is a show we co-ordinated to arrange along with Frano of Love People Disco in Brooklyn to put on a show at the Legend Club , Utica Ave. Brooklyn on President's Day 1994 along with Ken Boothe and Alton Ellis we had to turn away the equal amount of who was already inside, Ram till we were trapped backstage. Rastafari.

 Junia Walker, John Holt and Damion Walker at Wembley Arena, London                                                                                        

                    DEVON RUSSELL

  Devon Russell veteran singer of the group Lloyd& Devon who were responsible for the hit "Big Red Bumball"(Pressure Sounds), and later cover versions of Curtis Mayfield's "Move on up" and George Michael's "Careless whisper", close brethren of Jusic providing harmonies for "Wha come outa de I ","Searching for the whip" "He did", "So in love" which led to him singing lead on "Why did you" on the CD album "Get Your Mind Right" by Junia Walker All Stars, my sparring- partner through Riverton, Kingston Jamaica to Shepherdess Walk in London England. Hail Jah Dego.

Junia Walker at  High Times Free concert Kingston Mall, Kingston Ja.




                                                TONY GREENE

    Saxaphonist Tony Greene appears on Jusic International courteousy of  "The We The People " band working on tracks such as  "Nature Boy", "He Did", "No Bangarang", "Evening Time", "So in Love" and "Jah will be". Tony is a artiste/musician in his own right with CD/Albums  "Mean Greene", "Square from Cuba"(Latin mix) and the recent "Evolution" with one of the wickedest instrumental of Dennis Brown's "Should I" ,  as "We The People" was Dennis' backing band you know all the chords are right Raspect Mr. Greene.

               HORACE ANDY

  Ram dance session in Houston,Texas at the International Pub House 1986 Horace Andy, Horace a.k.a. "Sleepy" longtime brethren who used to come hang with Keith Hudson and I at 127 King St. as one of Keith's favorite artiste, we later got together in the mid 80s and put on this Houston Texas gig at the International Pub House a most pleasant and enjoyable experience.







                                                E - OWN

Known as "The Conscious Voice of UK Hip-Hop"  M.C. E- Own  real name Junior Walker Jr. has gradually been making a name for himself  with Digital retailers with his debut release  EP "Strictly for My Thinkaz". What started with his love for his dad's mix-tapes  from the streets of  New York with the likes of DJ Clue, Spinbad etc at nine years-old, young E-Own  quickly  took a liking to the styles of KRS-One (a favorite of his dad) Tupac, Biggy Smalls, Jay-Z and Nas to name a few, though his dad was making Reggae for decades E-Own  was Hip- Hop driven and was honing his skills on the side through high school, college and university, now he is in the process of completing his first album of the same name  and he has transitioned to producer after doing a course in engineering and setting up his own Black Equinox Studio where his dad is regularly  enlisted to sing R&B hooks as  well as  making specials for Reggae sound systems. His musical knowledge has become so wide and varied that his dad  also a  Disc- Jockey is regularly stumped by some old-school stuff that he is into. He has since started his own music catalogue by recording his own tracks that now includes his original Reggae, an avid Arsenal fan, one of his instrumentals is titled "The Arsenal" E-Own's potential is  limitless, watch this space.



E-Own  and his favorite Reggae DJ, Damian (Junior Gong) Marley at O2 Arena  2007.


Junia Walker at Generation 88FM radio in Paris with Kaza and Sergio

                  JUNIA WALKER & FRANKIE PAUL

Junia Walker and 18y.o. Frankie Paul on The Brooklyn Bridge in 1984. It started with me changing his stage name from Franky to Frankie, next was when he was recording his first release he called me in the voicing room to sing harmonies,  the song "African Princess" the rest as they say is history. One most memorable date is doing an interview in '86 on WBLS fm in New York with Pat McKay on the then "Reggae House Party" with then studio-engineer Bobby Konders and with DJ Supercat passing through. We again collaborated for Mr. Dodd at Coxsone's Studio One in Brooklyn where I co-wrote "Roll River Jordan", "Caroline" and "Woman, from the other side of town" on the Studio One label. On the Jusic label Frankie has done a re-mix of "Ites, Gold and Green" produced by Cornerstone Church of Music and Jusic productions "Holding On" both on the "Get your mind right" CD and "Hallelujah" on the "Exclusive Jusic" digital album.

Original Dub Jusic Jacket 1989

  The French Connection, unlike the original these guys move Reggae, Pierre Patate - Patate Records and Bruno Castro - Melodie Dist., Patate covers the complete works of Jusic, and every other Reggae release you could want , the back-bone of Reggae in Paris. Respect




Copyright © 2004 Jusic International

Early Beginnings

Barclays Football Team 1974 winners of  The Inter-Bank Competition Kingston Jamaica.The MVP gets to hold the ball and wear shades for the pic. 


Don Quarrie-Winning one of his numerous 100 yds dash in  schoolboy athletics at the annual Boys Championships held in Kingston,Jamaica running in the youngest class, Class III. , Danny as we called him was a schoolmate and close friend along with brother Eddie at our Alma Mater Camperdown High School. Danny was my role model in humility, run home from school catch a plane to the Mexico Olympics in '68, ran a leg on a world record 4x100m relay and returned to school as unassuming as he left, additionally he used to buy me quality clothes at Penn Relays.Hail the Don.

Date of Birth - February 25, 1951
Place of Birth- Kingston, Jamaica
College - University of Southern California
Events- 100m, 200m, 4x100m

Career Highlights


  • 1976 - Gold 200m, Silver 100m
  • 1980 - Bronze 200m
  • 1984 - Silver 4x100m

Commonwealth Games

  • 1970 - Gold 100m, Gold 200m, Gold 4x100m
  • 1974 - Gold 100m, Gold 200m
  • 1978 - Gold 100m

Don Quarrie is regarded as one of the finest sprinters in the history of track and field. He is also considered the greatest runner around the bend. Don is a world class athlete who is not only respected for his athletic ability but also his discipline and his demeanor on and off the field.



Roots Rock Reggae Showcase the  first Junia Walker Album Art-work


Get Your Mind Right album first artwork.



Copyright © 2004 Jusic International



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