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7" Vinyl - "Still Waters" ~ Junia Walker

                 "Depth Charge"  ~ King Tubby & The Barrett Bros.









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                                                    Jusic 30 years of Dub and more ...........

 1. No Respector of Persons (Remix)    2. No Respector of Persons Dub    3. Wha' come outa de I(Remix)

 4. Wha' come outa Dub        5. Skully in Africa    6. Come Down Jesusc(remix)     7. Try to Remember (Remix) Listen on Soundcloud

  8. I(Who Dub)(Remix)        9. Satta (Remix)     10. Depth Charge(Remix) Listen on Soundcloud    11. Still Waters(Remix) Listen on Soundcloud Dub (Remix) Listen on Soundcloud      13. King Tubby's Dub (Remix)    14. Dub for DEB    15.Jahnoi Dub

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                                               Jusic 30 years of Dub and more ....Vol. 2

  1. Caress me Girl (Remix)Listen on Soundcloud    2. Rain (Remix) Listen on Soundcloud     3.I(Who have nothing) (Remix)         4. Summertime(Remix)

  5.  England Swings(Remix)   6.If You(Remix)    7. No Bangarang(Remix)        8. This Natty Alright (Remix)

  9. Searching for the Whip(Remix)    10. Irie Dub Listen on Soundcloud        11. South Dub              12. Rain Dub2(Remix)

  13. Black Right(Remix)      14. Easy Nuh Dub(Remix)    15. Sealed with a Kiss(Remix)

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                                                              Rebirth - Junia Walker All Stars

 1. Rain (Snakey mix)    2. If You (Snakey mix)   3. Snakey Easy Dub

 4. Easy Nuh Dub        5. So Clear                    6. Try to Remember

 7. Impulse Dub          8. Rebirth Dub               9. The Twelfth of Never

 10. Rhodesia  Listen on Soundcloud          11. Felt the Dub               12. Downpresser Dub    13. Flying Dub

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                                                PICK - A - DUB - feat. King Tubby & The Barrett Bros.                                                     

 1. Pick-a-Dub          2. Black Heart  Listen on Soundcloud                  3. Michael Talbot Affair  Listen on Soundcloud

 4. Dont Move          5. Blood Brother              6. Dreader Than

 7. In the Rain Dub   8.In the Rain Dub 2       9. Black Right  Listen on Soundcloud

  10. Satta              11. Alright Dub  Listen on Soundcloud               12. Depth Charge  



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                                                                     Glad Tidings ~ Junia Walker

 1. So Much                         6. He Did                                  11. If You

 2.Down Downpresser           7. Summertime  Listen on Soundcloud                      12. Down Here(On the rocks)

 3. Rain                              8. Flying High(I'm doing it)     13. Nature Boy

 4. Glad Tidings   Listen on Soundcloud               9. No Respector if Persons     14. I(Who have nothing)   Listen on Soundcloud

5. Black Africa Listen on Soundcloud                    10. So in Love                      15. Wha' come outa de I


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                                                   Roots, Rock Reggae Showcase : The Sequel ~ Junia Walker

  1. No Bangarang            6. Eveningtime Dub           11. The Conference Table Listen on Soundcloud

 2. Walker Dub                7. Wha come outa de I      12. Spanglers Rocksteady  Listen on Soundcloud

 3. I an Jah                     8. Coxsone's Dub              13. Sealed with a Kiss        Listen on Soundcloud

 4. Jah and I Dub            9. Jah Will Be                    14. Tinenamen Square Dub

5. Evening Time             10. Southside Dub 


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                                                                              Remix ~ Junia Walker

 1. The Twelfth of Never (Studio first cut)    Listen on Soundcloud        9. Down Downpresser (Remix)

 2. England Swings (Remix)        Listen on Soundcloud                        10. If You (Remix)

 3. Flying High (I'm doing it) (Remix)                    11. So in Love ( Remix)

 4. He Did (Rasta mix)                                       12. The Conference Table (Remix)

 5. I an Jah (Remix)                                          13. Evening Time (Remix) Listen on Soundcloud

 6. I (Who have nothing (Remix)                        14. Nature Boy (Remix)

 7. Wildflower (Remix)                                       15. The Twelfth of Never (Demo mix)

 8. Black Africa (Remix)

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                                                         Strictly for My Thinkaz ~ MC E- Own

 1. Strictly for My Thinkaz  2. Summertime  3. Skit - Murkaman

  4. The dead, the caged and the pimps  5. Special One

  6. Your Revision    7. Lucky     8.Keep it Funky

  9. My Prime Minister  10. Lion Heart  11. Go On Girl

 12. Poison  13. Children of The Night  Listen on Soundcloud              14. Skit - Sexytime

 15. Tongue Kissing  16. Call Me

  Strictly for My Thinkaz album by E-Own "The Positive Voice of UK Hip Hop"   iTunes US


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                                                                NU JUSIC ~ Junia Walker All Stars

 1. Dad's Army Dub - E-Own All Stars  Listen on Soundcloud     2. Cry for Justice - Michael Diamond

 3. Come Down Jesus - Junia Walker  Listen on Soundcloud              4. Mr. Fix It - Junia Walker    Listen on Soundcloud

 5. Go on Girl - E-Own                               6. Campus Daze - E-Own All Stars

 7. Outa Mi Life - Junia Walker                   8. Still Waters - Junia Walker

 9. Come back to me - Michael Diamond      10. Door Peep - Junia Walker  Listen on Soundcloud

 11. Caress me Girl - Junia Walker                12. Regular Dub - E-Own All Stars       


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                                                  ROOTS,ROCK,REGGAE SHOWCASE ~ Junia Walker

   1. No Repector of Persons  Listen on Soundcloud        2.No Respector Dub

   3. Wha' Come outa' de I              4. Wha Come Out Dub

   5. Continental Dub                      6. So Much

   7. Flying High(I'm Doing It)           8. Flying High Dub

   9. Summertime                          10. Summer Dub    Listen on Soundcloud                                                   eMusic

 First album by Junia Walker, earliest recordings, available in Digital stores 23 April 2011


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                                     Jusic the Singles Compilation ~ Junia Walker All Stars

  1. I Just wanna rock - Woodie Noble     2. Bedroom Mazooka - Jah Stitch

  3. Black Africa - Junia Walker                4. Human Machine - Monopolist

  5. So Much - Junia Walker  Listen on Soundcloud                6. African Continent - Jah Brimstone  Listen on Soundcloud

  7. Jailhouse Rock - Jah Stitch  Listen on Soundcloud              8. Wha' come outa' de I - Junia Walker

  9. Searching for the whip - Junia Walker  10. He did - Junia Walker

  11. Walker John - John Steele              12. Summertime 7" mix - Junia Walker

  13. Ites, Gold & Green - Frankie Paul      14. I an Jah 7" mix - Junia Walker

  15. So in Love - Junia Walker

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                                                        De Attack album by Junia Walker All Stars

 1. Searching fot The Whip     2. I Just Wanna Rock         3. Caribbean People

 4. De Attack             5. Never Let Me Go  Listen on Soundcloud     6. My Future Wife        7. Struggling

 8. Human Machine     9. Wildflower       10. Love Means 

 11. Walker John     12. England Swings         13. Lilibeth  Serenade

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MORE Titles Available





                                           Roots,Rock,Reggae Showcase : The Sequel ~ Junia Walker


   1. No bangarang                                                 8. Coxsone's Dub
 2. Walker Dub                                                    9. Jah will be  Listen>>>  3. I An Jah   Listen>>>                                    10. Southside Dub  4. Jah An I Dub                                                11. The Conference Table  5. Evening Time                                              12. Spangler's Rocksteady  Listen>>>  6. Evening Time Dub                                      13. Sealed with a kiss  Listen>>>  7. Wha' come' outa de I  Listen>>>              14. Tinanemen Square Dub

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  5.0 out of 5 stars golden gem, 2 Jun 2010 By Mr. A. Munro "music and comedy lover" (Sotland,uk) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Roots, Rock Reggae Showcase: The Sequel (MP3 Download) I have been listening to reggae music for over thirty years and,i have to say this is an exceptional piece of roots reggae.It is as good as anything i have in my extensive collection.I rate this 10\10.Its that good.I discovered it by chance,listened to a sample and,bought it after about 10 seconds of hearing it.Junia walker has a great voice,very expressive and true to the material.I am extremely pleased.Is it x-mas?.         Amazon.co.uk
         Roots, Rock Reggae      Showcase : The Sequel  - Junia Walker -  Digital Download available from  E - Music,


,Rhapsody, Amazon Digital,  Groove Mobile and The Orchard      eMusic     


                                                      GLAD TIDINGS ~ Junia Walker


1. So Much                                      8. Flying High (I'm Doing It) listen>>
2. Down Downpresser                 9. No Respector of Persons
3. Rain                                            10. So in Love  listen>>
4.Glad Tidings                              11. If You
5. Black Africa                               12. Down here (On the rocks)  listen>>
6.He Did                                          13. Nature Boy
7. Summertime                              14. I (Who have nothing)  
                                                          15. Wha' come outa' de I


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   iTunes US     eMusic
Glad Tidings - Junia Walker   Digital Downloads available from iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, E- Music, Music Net, Jamba and theorchard.com


                                               DUB JUSIC ~ Junia Walker All Stars  


Respect Dub   Listen>>>          7. Black Majority Dub
Interest Rate Dub                      8.Tienanmen Square Dub
 Walker Dub                              9. Times Square Dub
 Just say Dub                            10. Coxsone's Dub Listen >>>

Continental Dub                          11. King Tubby's Dub Listen >>> 

Summertime Dub

Dub Jusic - Junia Walker All Stars - Digital Download - iTunes/Rhapsody/Napster/ E- Music / The Orchard      iTunes US          eMusic        Ganxy Download store




                              In the Jusic Dub Chamber - Junia Walker All Stars feat. Dr. Marshall


1.Arrows Dub    Listen on Soundcloud            

                                                                              8.So in Dub

2.Crutches Dub                                                   9. I Just wanna Dub 

3.Jah and I Dub  Listen on Soundcloud             10. Big Ben Dub 

4.I Who Dub                                                         11. The Impostor Dub 

5.Rain Dub                                                         12. Pon Beeston St. Dub 

6. Dub on the Rocks                                          13. Eveningtime Dub

 7. Lovey Dub
Digital Download at iTunes US   eMusic        Ganxy Download store  



                                      GET YOUR MIND RIGHT ~ Junia Walker All Stars


1. So in Love - Junia Walker  2. Yumamushasha - John Steele  3. Lovey Dovey - MC Lace Listen >>>  4. Have you ever loved - Marsha  5. The African Continent - Jah Brimstone 6. If You - Junia Walker  7. Nuff Wicked man - Bugzi Legend  8. Why did you - Devon Russell  9. Dance Afire - John Steele 10. When I first - Junia Walker  11. Holding On - Frankie Paul Listen >>>  12.Get your mind right - Bugzi Legend Listen>> 13.Ites, Gold and Green - Frankie Paul  14. Wha' come outa de I - Junia Walker  15.More seller  than buyer - John Steele

Digital Downloads at     Ganxy Download store


                                          Exclusive Jusic ~ Junia Walker & Friends                                                             

! iTunes US      eMusic         Ganxy Download store  




 1. The Dead, The caged and The Pimps   2. Your Revision    3. Strictly for My Thinkaz    4. Special One

Strictly for My THINKAZ  -  E-OWN  -  E.P.

Digital downloads at  iTunes US eMusic  Ganxy Download store 







                                                                          REMIX ~ Junia Walker

 The Twelfth of Never( studio first cut) Listen on Soundcloud                             England Swings (remix)                                       9. Down Downpresser(Remix)
 Flying High(I'm doing it) (remix)                      10. If You (remix)
 He Did (Rasta mix)                                           11. So in Love (remix)
 I an Jah(remix)                                                 12. The Conference Table (remix)
I (Who have nothing)(remix)                             13. Eveningtime (remix)
 Wildflower(remix)                                              14. Nature Boy (disco mix)
  Black Africa(Remix)                                       15. The Twelfth of Never (demo remix)

               REMIX  - JUNIA WALKER -  Digital Album        

   Digital Downloads at  iTunes US    eMusic  Ganxy Download store 






                        WALKER JOHN ~ John Steele


De Attack                       7. Dance Title
 Struggling                        8. More Seller than Buyer
 Dance Afire                    9.  Mourn fe Dem
 Yumamushasha             10. Dont Throw Stone  Listen on Soundcloud 

Walker John Listen on Soundcloud                 

                                        11.  Walker John (Remix

Easy Nuh Man Listen on Soundcloud

Digital Downloads at  iTunes USeMusic Ganxy Download store







































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